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News and links roundup for 12/28

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  • Still no word yet on any football staffing changes, although I doubt P.J. Fleck goes to Minnesota now that their new coach Jerry Kill brought over most of his NIU staff. In the meantime, USA Today updated their (incomplete) coaching salaries database to include assistants. I think colleges around the country will start making hires en masse next week once the NFL regular season ends.
  • As far as the completely unsourced John McNulty/Miami rumors go, anyone remember how McNulty supposedly would only take that job as a package deal with Kyle Flood two years ago? The stocks of Flood and (Miami OL coach)Jeff Stoutland have reversed since then.
  • Ad Week has a good take on ESPN's revenues and the bowl system.

    In exchange for its broadcast feed and hi-def simulcast, Bristol charges cable and satellite operators an average of $4.40 a month per subscriber, according to SNL Kagan data.

    Multiply that by 99.8 million subscribers, over 12 months, and ESPN’s annual affiliate revenue haul works out to be $5.27 billion. To throw that into greater relief, note that ESPN’s subscriber revenue is roughly 43 percent of CBS Corp.’s market cap ($12.8 billion, as of Dec. 17).

  • Ray Rice's numbers are down this year (although they've been better lately), but Ray thinks that he's better than ever.
  • Anthony Davis has struggled through an inconsistent rookie season. Davis absolutely made the right call to declare considering that he was the 11th pick and RU's offense tanking this year. He's also one of the youngest players in the NFL and in a vacuum would have benefited from another year of college.
  • Last week Jason McCourty took underprivileged Nashville youth shopping for Christmas presents.
  • Rutgers Deputy A.D. Richard Costello is leaving for the A.D. job at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Costello came to Piscataway two years ago during a period of intense media scrutiny, and now leaves as a footnote now that the spotlight has turned elsewhere. It was ironic that criticism of athletic department spending resulted in hiring another administrator making a six-figure salary.
  • Increased student enrollment at New Jersey colleges has lead to hiring more employees over the past decade.