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Previewing St. Peter's: Rutgers Basketball Game 11

This game was supposed to be a defensive battle.  The first to 60 wins. 

Before the season began, there were even rumors that St. Peter's would even be favored at the RAC.

But now?

Find out after the jump...

Wesley Jenkins was supposed to be St. Pete's star this year.  After missing the first several games with a partially torn ACL, Jenkins returned to the team and they started to find their stride.  Unfortunately, in their game yesterday, someone fell on his injured knee and he'll be a no go for the game tomorrow.

Their leading rebounding Ryan Bacon will miss the game because of a sprained ankle.

So, what will a team missing their leading scorer and their leading rebounder have?  Not too much, from what I can tell.  They'll have a team that'll come out and play hard defense.  And while my instinct is to say Rutgers will runaway with this game, I hope RU doesn't feel that way.

The St. Peter's team must have a decent supporting cast, and usually when something like this happens, that supporting team comes out with nothing to lose.  If they start hitting their three pointers--and Rutgers is slow closing out, like they were in the first half against Monmouth--this game could be dangerous. 

Rutgers is the more athletic team.  They're the better team.  They should win handily.

But if they're looking forward to Christmas and the UNC game, watch out.  This could be a close one.