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News and links roundup for 12/14

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  • The Smoking Musket announced last night that Bill Stewart is getting pushed out at West Virginia in favor of Dana Holgorsen, drawing immediate denials from their athletic department. Did somebody jump the gun with a lot of rumors drawing to a crescendo?
  • Paul Zeise, the world's biggest Rutgers fanwent from saying that Holgorsen was Pitt's likely choice to never being on the radar in the first place because he's single and likes to party. Really. Our ideal scenario now is that the search drags on for a while before Pitt hires an uninspiring outsider who won't keep any of the current staff. The spin out of the 'berg is out of control right now, with the party line flipping from having no interest in Al Golden to him being their #1 candidate all along.
  • I think Temple can bounce back from losing Al Golden to Miami if they make the right hire. Can't root for TU any more if they promote Mark D'Onofrio though. It will be curious as to who Golden hires as assistants.
  • Syracuse LB Malcolm Cater is in a whole heap of trouble. I understand the logic of his family wanting Cater to attend college far from home, but... This is not a knock against Syracuse, but look at RU's off the field track record under Greg Schiano. Rutgers may have been the one football program capable of keeping Cater on the straight and narrow. What a shame.
  • WR coach P.J. Fleck is staying for now, because NIU hired Wisconsin's DC instead.
  • Devin McCourty kept building momentum, only to leave a blowout win over the Bears with a rib injury (which can be very painful). Fortunately he looks to be ok.
  • Rutgers deputy A.D. Richard Costello is a finalist for the Wisconsin-Milwaukee A.D. job. He had previously been A.D. at Delaware State.
  • While Rutgers fans still await word on Tom Savage, it looks like Penn State quarterback Kevin Newsome will transfer. Whatever happens with Savage, he at least accomplished more than Newsome, getting the last laugh over PSU in the end.
  • I enjoyed last week's ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Pony Exce$$. It was very entertaining, more along the lines of The U than the slow character study about Marcus Dupree from a few weeks back. Check the film out if you ever have the opportunity.
  • Ray Lucas admits to having taken steroids and HGH in an effort to treat his documented chronic neck pain.
  • Academy Bus is suing Rutgers over losing their contract with the university.
  • Gov. Christie and Paul McCartney were among those on campus last week at a Chabad fundraiser.