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Rutgers Dominates Norfolk State; James Beatty Scores 18

James Beatty caught the ball at the three point line, pulled up and let fly.  It went in.

He did it again.

And again.

Rutgers defeated Norfolk State 83-59, with Beatty dropping in 18 points.

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There was not letdown for Rutgers, after their surprising win over Miami.  The team came out with the same intensity and tough man to man D it will be known for.  But this time they had a player legitimately in the zone on the offensive sign.  Beatty simply could not miss.  

Nor could the rest of the team, at one point going 7 for 8 from behind the three point line.  They finished 9 for 16.

Mike Coburn had another solid game, notching 12 points and 7 assists.  More impressively he was only responsible for one turnover.  In fact, the entire team had 17 assists compared to only 10 turnovers.

Three other players scored in double digits as well.  Another total team effort, Rutgers dominated the game and held a 30 point lead for most of the second half.  It wasn't until the walk-ons were inserted did the lead get cut to 24.

Next up?  St. Joseph's on Friday in the Philly Hoops Classic Final.