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Previewing Norfolk State: Rutgers Basketball Game 4

They call this the trap game.

After Sunday's big win against Miami, and a name opponent with St. Joseph's on the horizon, one wouldn't be surprised to hear Rutgers overlooked Norfolk State.

What does this team bring to the RAC Tuesday night?

Find out after the jump...

St. Joe's beat Norfolk St by five when they met in their first Philly Hoop Group match-up.  Now State comes to Piscataway with the holding on to the question, is State good or is St. Joe's bad?  

The Spartans bring an array of big players with two over 6'10" and three others over 6'7".  Their guards are big too, 6'3" or taller.  If they can shoot, they'll be able to do so over the short James Beatty and Mike Coburn.  Eight of their players are juniors and seniors, so the Spartans bring experience to the table as well.  That does not bode well if Rutgers falls into the trap game mentality.  A veteran team usually takes advantage of any lead they can get.

State is 2-2 this season beating Jacksonville State and Virginia State.  They lost to Long Island, and the previously mentioned Saint Joseph's.  Last year, the Spartans went 11-19. 

Rutgers has to be careful in this game.  While it's not an expected loss, the Knights might find themselves in a tight game late if they don't put the pedal to the metal. 

Look for Rice to toss the jacket early if RU is asleep at the wheel