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News and links roundup for 11/1

  • Art Forst was practicing back at left guard on Wednesday, and candidly admits to his poor play this season at right tackle. Now Andre Civil, who started the year off as a defensive lineman, could be in the mix at RT. Oh, and the starting QB for USF is undecided, and Sanu and a bunch of the tight ends are hurt. this should be interesting.
  • USF will be down leading sacker Craig Marshall this week.
  • Congratulations to Hamady N'Diaye for making Washington's final roster in a bit of an upset. He probably won't play much, and is no guarantee to stick around, but good luck nonetheless.
  • This week the Rutgers athletic department announced an expanded sponsorship agreement with Audi. What will be important will be to keep lining up deals like these where possible.
  • Devin Harris and the Nets did a really great thing by donating $75k to Eric LeGrand's Believe Fund. I am a disgruntled ex-Nets fan and have difficulty saying anything nice about the organization, but this was a wonderful gesture. I wish the franchise all possible success during their time in Newark. It's also been reported that Tracy McGrady donated 20k, and the New York Jets donated 5k.
  • Ken Pomeroy's statistical predictor only gives Rutgers men's basketball one conference win (USF at home) this year. What, no Providence?
  • Kenny Britt denies throwing a punch last week at a Nashville nightclub. Unfortunately he had to leave the game early yesterday with a hamstring injury. Those have a way of lingering on too.
  • Devin McCourty had a game-changing interception for the Patriots yesterday. His brother Jason returned from his injury yesterday to get a pick of his own for the Titans.
  • Jeremy Zuttah is great at Call of Duty.
  • The NCAA is actually making a common sense move that is a great service to the public by...reviving the Bylaw Blog and making it an official resource. While Compliance Guy probably won't quite be afforded the candor that he used to have in anonymity, it's reassuring to see him not land in too much trouble for his activities. The NCAA still is fatally flawed in that it is vastly under resourced and basically has to outsource its investigative reporting to outlets like Yahoo Sports, but this is fantastic.
  • Rutgers is issuing $508 million in new debt to finance the construction of new business school facilities on the Livingston Campus.
  • Kudos to Harry Schwartz and Goldman Sachs for donating $1.5 million to Rutgers undergrads in need of financial assistance.
  • The Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania's Governor's race wants to force PSU and Pitt to play on a yearly basis.
  • Top New Jersey soccer players are leaving high school to play in special academies.