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News and links roundup for 10/05

  • There wasn't a second news post last week because a non-sports story was domineering the news wires, so it's very possible that a couple items of interest fell through the cracks. Surprisingly, by the Football Outsiders metrics, Rutgers actually outplayed North Carolina. Wonder if they'll find the same for Tulane. If there's any solace here, it's that eventually bad luck does start evening out. Look at UConn last year.
  • After two games the Chargers put Ryan Neill on injured reserve. He's the third snapper San Diego has lost for the season.
  • Devin McCourty is a rare bright spot for New England's defense.
  • Ryan Blaze is back playing football, with the Utah Blaze of the new Arena Football League The name thing is an odd coincidence.
  • Tiquan Underwood helped the Jaguars upset the Colts.
  • Former Louisville kicker Art Carmody wishes he never visited Piscataway. Aww, what'd you guys do to him? Now I'm really curious to read his follow up post, and kind of scared about what he's going to say.
  • Good news New Jersey legislators: you can still goof off by reading websites about Rutgers sports in lieu of working. Now it really seems like they're truly representative of their constituents.
  • There's a RU football-themed corn maze in South Brunswick.