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News and links roundup for 10/20

This is not going to be easy, but I am going to attempt to return to a normal posting schedule.

  • Devin McCourty is quickly turning into a favorite of Bill Belichick.
  • Jeremy Zuttah is confident about taking over as Tampa's starting center.
  • Darnell Stapleton is impressed with the play of Chas Dodd.
  • Man, Mike Rosario is kind of a dick. Best to save these quotes for when Florida comes to the RAC next December.
  • Last week Paul Franklin revisited how a horse running on to the field almost cost Rutgers during a 1994 game against Army at Giants Stadium. I still think Medieval Times should have provided the halftime entertainment on Saturday.
  • is reporting that Rutgers will pay Eastern Michigan $850k for their previously-announced 2013 game in Piscataway.
  • Brian Cook from mgoblog finds that yes, inexperience really does matter and its effect ought not to be minimized.
  • As a BCS agnostic, I enjoyed this Yahoo excerpt from the upcoming book Death to the BCS.
  • Pres McCormick went public last week with university's campaign to raise $1 billion.
  • Have people seen Miami S Latwan Anderson's Facebook rant yet? He'll probably be kicked off their team. Wonder if Anderson transfers to West Virginia, who finished second in his recruitment originally. Speaking of trouble at Florida schools, there's a LOT of rumors right now about serious discord on Florida's staff, and I don't know what to believe because the SEC is just that ridiculous when it comes to negative recruiting.