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On the Banks week seven BlogPoll ballot

  • Pay no mind to in-poll movement. I scrapped my old ballot from scratch. Oklahoma is #1 because as of now they have the best resume. LSU may well be coached by a maniac, but their resume is terrific too. I don't care who is coming off a loss, especially considering how that stat can be drastically warped by strength of schedule. Right now my poll is a combination of total resume and subjective opinion, with the latter weighing less heavily by the week.
  • Despite Alabama's loss, there's still a case that they're the best team out there. This is where transitivity can be a little annoying. South Carolina narrowly lost at Auburn, but they've looked better overall.
  • Virginia Tech's loss to James Madison sure looks like a fluke (ahem, you could say the same about Rutgers/Tulane), but a team with a FCS loss shouldn't be in the polls on principle.