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New additions to the team


I am beyond thrilled, and excited, to announced today that this site's search will end up not lasting even twenty four hours. When trying to think of who could be the best possible additions here, Shawn Layton and Dave White were two names at the very top of my list. I did not contact either beforehand for two reasons.

1. I did not believe that I could convince either to sign on.

2. I genuinely did want to openly consider all entries without any prejudice. This site has so many great readers who have been very supportive, but you never know where sharp minds are hiding. There are plenty of smart people out there in the online Rutgers athletic community. The key is having the determination to keep at writing and improve one's craft. Speaking from experience, the idea is very daunting to start out with.

The search ended today because Shawn and Dave are such fantastic additions that there's no need to let them twist in the wind. To continue would be the biggest charade of Rutgers sports search, since, uh, that other situation that ended up working out better than anyone could have imagined.

Shawn was at On the Banks of the Raritan last year, mercifully not going after this site for name theft. He also writes for The Edison-Metuchen Sentinel.

Dave is a published author of two fiction novels, and also a frequent commentator all around the Rutgersphere.

They should both be fantastic assets here, with basketball season only a month away. However, both have the autonomy to write and post as they wish, and will not necessarily be limited to any particular subject area. That is ultimately at their discretion.