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Looking for a basketball blogger

Do you want to write about Rutgers men's basketball?

This site needs one person who wants to write about the Rutgers men's basketball team during the coming 2010-2011 season. The only set requirements are a willingness to write game previews and recaps. Everything else is solely at a writer's discretion. If you want to additionally write about football too, or some other sport, that would be fine. The idea is to give complete creative control, as long as any produced content is at least tangentially related to Rutgers athletics, and does not violate SB Nation's terms of service in any way.

It would be helpful to find someone with a deep, vested interest in the Rutgers men's basketball team, however the sole arbiter will be any applicant's ability to write and create good content without any preconceived notions or expectations. There is by no means necessarily only one set method to do this. There is no compensation available, but I will otherwise make any possible efforts to accommodate any interested parties as may be necessary.

If interested, write something up (or submit past content if it exists) and send it in to the email address located in that cluttered pane on the left. This search is not time-limited, but ideally something will happen before the basketball season starts a month for now. The only caveat necessary here is that the search will immediately conclude if the right submission comes in. Or, nothing could end up happening.


- The Management (not the MGMT, because that would just be ridiculous)

p.s.  SBN does want to see more community interaction here in general, although I strongly believe that it has to be organic and can't just be forced. Readers should always feel free to post their thoughts on any topic via the FanPost feature, or share links, videos, pictures etc... in FanShots.