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Rutgers draft visit/workout tracker 2010

DT Blair Bines - Jets (at FB and LB)

C Ryan Blaszczyk - Jets

WR Tim Brown - Dolphins, Eagles, Jets

FB Jack Corcoran - Giants, Jets

OT Anthony Davis - Bills, Eagles, 49ers, Giants (maybe), Jets, Raiders

LB Ryan D'Imperio - Giants, 49ers, Vikings

TE Shamar Graves - Colts, 49ers, Giants, Jets

OT Kevin Haslam - Giants, Jaguars, Jets, Raiders

DE George Johnson - Bears

S Zaire Kitchen - Giants

CB Devin McCourty - Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Rams

LB Damaso Munoz - Bears, Jets (presumably as a safety)

This is almost certainly incomplete, if only for the fact that more are on the way.