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Assorted draft updates

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In addition to the previously reported Rutgers visitors to the Giants' local workout (Ryan D'Imperio was there too) day last week, Shamar Graves, Jack Corcoran (as per his newest blog entry), and Blair Bines visited the Jets. Anthony Davis reportedly attended the local NFL workouts too, but it's been difficult keeping track of all of them. Really should get on compiling a list of every visit.

Devin McCourty was in Florham Park too earlier in the week, before venturing out to Cleveland.

McCourty is regarded as one of the top five cornerbacks in the draft. Some teams may have McCourty ranked on par with -- or even slightly ahead of -- Florida's Joe Haden.

That article mentions that the Eagles (who just traded Sheldon Brown to Cleveland) and Ravens are believed to be the two teams most interested in drafting him. The Vikings really like him too. I follow Lance Zierlein's blog with the Houston Chronicle, and noticed this recent bit about Devin.

Hard to find too many DB coaches or scouts who are down on McCourty. He's tough, productive and dependable and he has the measurables teams like. The common theme that is starting to arise, however, is that teams seem to feel like McCourty doesn't have the same ceiling (upside) as Wilson or Haden and that he might be a better fit in the second round.

George Johnson visited the Bears last Monday.

Tim Brown is counting on Drew Rosenhaus as his in to the NFL. I linked his podcast with Talking Football Live last week, but only managed to get a chance to listen to it over the weekend (by the way, they've had other Scarlet Knights on in the past, so check it out). A few notes from the interview:

  • Brown said he ran a 4.27 at the Miami Hurricanes Pro Day.
  • Has worked out for the Eagles, Dolphins, and Jets.
  • Compares himself to DeSean Jackson.
  • Is training down in Florida with Santana Moss and Chad Johnson, among others.
  • Growing up, he followed the Dolphins, and his favorite player was Dan Marino.
  • Rosenhaus told him to go to Miami's workout instead of the Giants. New York could still bring him in for a visit however.

There's a new Kevin Haslam podcast up elsewhere too. He comes off as really sharp and quick on his feet. Very impressive.

What to make of the report that scouts visiting March's Rutgers Pro Day received negative feedback on Anthony Davis? I remember this issue coming up last year too. While it's in every football program's best interests that their prospects do as well as possible in the pros, they do have to be candid with their NFL contacts in order to retain credibility. If you can't give a negative assessment of some players, than praising the likes of McCourty wouldn't carry as much weight. If you have access to ESPN Magazine or Insider, check out Seth Wickersham's recent piece "You Have Terrible Taste in Prospects" for some further insight on the topic.

Anyway, Anthony's now a mid-first on Pro Football Weekly's draft value chart.

Mike Mayock's new rankings are up too. Mayock's great, but someone really has to explain this Trent Williams rise to me.

Rick Gosselin is another draft writer with great sources, although I don't really agree with Davis to the 49ers or especially McCourty to the Jets in his first mock. I've read that his first mock is just based on value insteading of matching for need, but can't confirm that.

No Rutgers players are mentioned therein, but I eagerly read every line of Jeff Risdon's new interview with a NFL scout.

Afternoon update: some more on McCourty -


"Tight, quick, strong and fast. He looks like a real guy (cornerback). He can do both (press and off coverage). I don’t have many concerns about him. He’s a little bit tight, but that’s about it. He’s a little stiff in the hips. But you can work with that."

Evening update: neither first round possibility is on the NFL's green room list. Davis tweeted today that he worked out for the Eagles.