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Recapping last week

  • Now Coach Schiano is echoing Tom Savage's prior praise for Tim Wright and Quron Pratt at receiver. Wright is someone who very much needed to improve this spring. Physically, he's one of the team's three most gifted receivers along with Sanu and Harrison. Ideally, the three most talented in that bunch should be playing.
  • Howard Barbieri hurt his knee Monday. That's the first major injury of camp. In other news, WR Marcus Cooper switched to defensive back. That makes sense, considering the numbers at both positions, and Pratt apparently looking good in his shift to receiver ala Sanu. Now there's another upperclassman to go along with Jones, Bing, Rowe, and the freshmen at corner. Schiano had mentioned at points that something like this was possible, but I was cautious about speculating. Of the team's receivers, I know the least about Cooper and Eddie Poole.
  • More good news on Paul Carrezola is also a positive development. This year's offense will probably use more multiple WR sets, but just looking at the team's roster makes me think that Carrezola could play an H-Back role coming out of the backfield (as opposed to Laryea). His polish, blocking, and hands are a striking compliment to D.C. Jefferson's athleticism. The staff would surely sign up in a moment if Carrezola can be the next Sam Johnson.
  • Eric LeGrand's strides are another example of wishful thinking seemingly coming into fruition. I'm not sure if it really matters whether or not LeGrand or the steady Charlie Noonan is listed first on the depth chart. Noonan's a good contributor, but that doesn't necessarily mean that LeGrand won't play more or on crucial downs. Schiano loves to rotate his defensive linemen to keep everyone fresh and healthy. The defensive end rotation specifics seem more interesting than who ends up lining up next to Scott Vallone inside.
  • Logan Ryan impressing is a very good sign. His highlights on the internet looked better than what I saw from Abdul Smith or Darrell Givens, and which is why I thought Ryan was one of the most important signees in the '09 recruiting class. Brandon Jones deserves more reps at corner too, but I'm eager to see what Ryan and the other redshirt freshmen can do.
  • I'm pleased by most of these known developments. Now, if Schiano starts heaping praise on Tom Savage or the offensive line, that would be cause for celebration.