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Let's try this again

Anthony Davis is in holding before his rescheduled workout today. Everyone wants to know whether or not he'll be a franchise left tackle in the NFL.

"The kid's got left-tackle feet," says one NFC scout. "When you're special like him, we're going to overlook a lot of things."

The same scout says he wouldn't have cared if Davis struggled through drills during Pro Day; he would have been satisfied just knowing the lineman was hungry to perform. That's what teammate Devin McCourty did; the touted cornerback was drawing first-round interest after a standout Combine performance, but he needed to be talked out of a full Pro Day workout.

"It's not about the numbers," the scout says. "But you like to see the kids compete."

There are still questions with the other linemen in the first round range, and they have a tendency to rise on draft day anyway. I do not at all believe the internet speculation and mocks that have Davis falling to the latter part of the first (worst case scenario, Green Bay will rush their card to the podium and snatch him up). Still, he does have a lot of money on the line today. Best to make a good impression.

edit: forgot to link this earlier, Peter King has DMC and Davis in his sourced list of first rounders.

Meanwhile, Devin McCourty has been a busy man. The Patriots are interested.

Nick Caserio got Rutgers CB Devin McCourty and Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham alone for some board work and interviews on their respective campuses

Devin recently gave an interview to radio (it starts about 1:18 in what is a very long broadcast). His twin brother Jason sat down with the Targum to detail his experience with the draft last year. They also have a new story up about how Damaso Munoz and Ryan D'Imperio are going through the whole process. Munoz has talked with the Falcons, Bears, Pats, and Eagles (as already reported, he's visiting Chicago and the Jets). There's some movement with regards to Ryan.

They asked the 6-foot-1, 241-pound to run fullback routes during positional drills, which he did. The San Francisco 49ers — with whom D’Imperio has a workout scheduled, as well as with the Minnesota Vikings — approached him with the idea before the Pro Day as well.

Jack Corcoran doesn't care what the internet says about him.