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Spring practice one week in

  • Fooch has a video interview with your friend and mine, Tom Savage.
  • As always, has the latest photo updates from practice (1, 2)
  • Mason Robinson is back at running back. While the numbers probably dictated this one, I think his skillset is a better fit at reciever. Hard to say whether this is a good sign for depth at WR or a bad sign for the RBs. Either way, a healthy Robinson is sorely needed for the fall.
  • Tom Luicci's first update mentioned that Mark Harrison was impressing, and that Witherspoon is at DE now and has yet to play. He also had quite a bit about the depth charts at OL and LB. I've seen mixed reports about whether or not Wynn will play guard or tackle when he returns. If it's guard, and Tom's suggestion that Forst will still end up at RT (with Stapleton at LT) is correct, I'd rather that everyone would just be playing where they will ultimately end up. Maybe the staff wants to get some different looks and tinker with things during the spring, but they're green enough where they really need every rep they can get.
  • If Forst isn't going to play tackle, my wishful thinking is at least satisfied by Manny Abreu getting reps as the first team SLB. In Schiano's defenses, doesn't it seem like that position is usually a spot for a glorified safety type ala Terry Bynes or Damaso Munoz to just fall back into coverage? It was telling last year - Munoz was by no means bad outside, but fairly nondescript. Antonio Lowery goes down, Munoz moves to WILL, and all of a sudden he's seemingly all over the field.
  • It seems like that's the playmaker position among the linebackers (which made what Beauharnais did at SAM as a true freshman that more impressive). Here's Ka'Lial Glaud explaining it.
    "With the will (weakside linebacker), you're more of a free player,'' he said. "You're usually on the back side of it, but you get to run free. You can just play a lot more comfortably at the will."
  • Manny would probably be best off there, but he'll have to wait a year with Lowery coming off such a good 2009 campaign.
  • I'm also down with Carrezola seeing the field at tight end. If not for his injury, Carrezola very well could have played over everyone last year.
  • New position coach P.J. Fleck is making an early impression with the receivers. He's looking like a great hire...and also someone who'll be almost certainly snatched away by a Big Ten team within the calendar year. Enjoy him while he's still here. With Mason back at tailback, the onus now falls on Tim Wright before the redshirt freshmen like Pratt and Hayward start getting a look.