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Basketball weekend

All in all, last weekend was a good one for Fred Hill Jr., and admittedly does somewhat vindicate the athletic department's decision to keep him. Seton Hall looks to be in shambles with Jeff Robinson leaving, and Jeremy Hazell following him out the door. St. John's keeps striking out on candidates (like Seth Greenberg, who just signed an extension with VT), and now they've both lost out to Iowa for the services of Siena coach Fran McCaffery. The one down note was yet another transfer, this time from wing Pat Jackson. Hill pretty much bungled his bench, burying Jackson when it was clear that Dane Miller was ready to play. That was a mistake, and this will further exacerbate depth issues going forward.

edit: Hello, Corey Crawford?

edit2: Guess he's not a basketball commit. Sorry for the mixup.

Now, it's impossible to say what either would have done if Rutgers opened up, and I don't necessarily think the door is closed on Greenberg next year, but these events do support the argument that there weren't any viable options out there. My opinion of Hill is low enough that I think those plan B and C candidates still would probably be an upgrade, but now at least we won't have to suffer watching McCaffery turn around the Pirates or Red Storm.

If that wasn't enough relatively good news on the weekend, now Rutgers gets to sit back with glee while Seton Hall's roster is gutted, its search settled on the unproven Kevin Willard, and their dirty laundry gets aired to the world. Actually, the new site Bobby Gonzalez Truth seems to be as interested with taking the unfriendly local media to task as in salting the earth in South Orange. Here's the enemies list:

We are especially interested in Pete Thamel and Kevin Armstrong of the New York Times, Lenn Robbins, Sean Brennan, Tim Sullivan, of the New York Post; JP Pelzman, John Rowe of the Bergen Record; Steve Politi, Brendan Punty of the Star Ledger; Jerry Carino of the Herald News. There are others like Ian O’Connor, Adrian Wojonowski, Pat Forde; Adam Zagoria, Jeff Goodman, Gary Parrish, and then there are specific message boards such as among others.

For those wondering, I took cached posts from and threw them into Gender Guesser in comparison to those, and despite it seeming in character, by that metric they do not appear to be by the same author.

Can't remember if this has been announced on our side, but Tulane says they're coming to New Brunswick (actually, Piscataway) on Oct 2. In more scheduling news, as of now, Rutgers is NOT listed as having scheduled any games with Army beyond 2011. They still have openings, but it sure would be nice to drop them from the schedule.

Coach Schiano stepped into the belly of the beast over the weekend.

Ray Rice is answering fan questions via YouTube.

While the Douglass Governing Council passing a resolution urging Rutgers to change the lyrics to its alma mater is a complete non story, I enjoyed the Rick Malwitz column about the matter, if only as a fan of weird archaic humor. Yeah, it was cribbed from an old Scottish folk song, and who actually knew that a latter verse includes this line:

And soon I made my social entree, when I laid full many a wicked plan. And by my cunning art, slew many a maiden's heart, on the banks of the Old Raritan.

The Big East hasn't yet finalized their new bowl lineup, but with the addition of the Gotham Bowl, something had to give. Turns out it was another cold weather destination in the International Bowl, which was technically the Big East's #4 bid (which didn't mean much), but teams preferred visiting St. Petersburg and Birmingham in December. It's a shame, because Toronto is a great city, but it just wasn't all that feasible.

Former Rutgers assistant Joe Susan coached his first practice at Bucknell on Saturday.

Agreed; there's no scenario where anyone can reasonably slam Michigan football, and then turn around and sing the praises of John Calipari.