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Practice starts today

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Looking at the updated spring roster on over the weekend, is Monmouth transfer FB David Presby a new name? Junior Solice is listed at FB, and Marcus Witherspoon is still at LB. Nothing else stands out at first glance. The spring prospectus is up too if you want to overanalyze its blurbs. Keith Sargeant in his preview mentioned that Devon Watkis will be a starting option at tackle. That's a mild surprise, although there has been a lot of positive buzz about Watkis. Regardless of how he looks, the defense will probably start out far ahead of the offense.

The Big Lead reported on Friday that the Wall Street Journal has hired Aditi Kinkhabwala (with no word on her reported assignment). Rupert Murdoch doesn't exactly care for the New York Times, so if true she'll be a benefactor of Murdoch's latest salvo in that campaign - a New York metro section launching in April. The WSJ already has some good sports content; they hired Matt Futterman away from the Ledger, and he's excellent.

Women's basketball fell to Iowa in the first round of the NCAAs.

The practice bubble has seen better days. Tyler Thomas, Darrell Givens, and Jim Dumont recently visited a parochial school in Clark.

Devin McCourty had a chat with last week. I've been hearing him linked to the Ravens and Vikings, so it's REALLY curious that those are the first two names out of his mouth too.

Some teams I talked to, just as far as how I can help the team, probably would be Baltimore, Minnesota, the Saints, Pittsburgh, the Jets.

He also did some TV and radio appearances I believe. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum confirms the obvious if you were holding out hope they'd draft Devin.

Without Cromartie, at the 29th pick in the draft, we would have taken a corner.

Per Aaron Wilson, interested teams include the Jets, Browns, Ravens, Rams, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings, and Colts. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis will be conducting a makeup Pro Day next week.

Basketball assistant Darren Savino remains in the mix for the Wagner job.

As much as the old staff in Seattle liked Mike Teel, you have to be concerned about the Seahawks trading for Charlie Whitehurst and giving him $10m over two years. The Steelers don't have interest at the moment in bringing back Darnell Stapleton.

It's no surprise in Piscataway, but Eric Foster has a knack for sticking around. Here's an early prediction: every preseason publication will list DT as a "weakness" for the Colts, they'll draft another body or two to try to add bulk, and will end up turning to Foster again when it matters on third down.

Foster, who started 14 games as an undrafted rookie from Rutgers the previous season, played a critical role as a reserve in 2009, finishing the season with 43 tackles, two and a half sacks and 12 quarterback pressures.

His 12 pressures were the Colts' best at the position.

It's not just about television revenue: Penn State makes between $4 and 4.5 million dollars per home game (as opposed to $1.5 for Rutgers). That's why they schedule Coastal Carolina in order to line up eight home games.

Isn't it weird how the bowl lineup still isn't finalized? Specifically, the Liberty Bowl is still the big holdup. Their pecking order with the SEC could not only improve the Pizza Bowl matchup, but there's been media speculation about giving the Big East an occasional bid there. Here's the latest.

The Liberty Bowl’s affiliation with the Southeastern Conference expired after the 2009-10 season and the affiliation has not yet been renewed. Liberty Bowl executive director Steve Ehrhart said the two parties are close to securing a new agreement.

It's not spring football if there aren't more defections from Syracuse's roster. I know the team overlooked them last year, but that loss still stings to this day. Can't get over how they lost with such an overwhelming talent disparity.

No, the New York City AAU coaches don't sound super creepy at all...