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Uncomfortable silence

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So, why exactly is the press suddenly reporting that Fred Hill Jr.'s buyout is smaller than expected? Oh, and no one's answering any phone calls. It was very surprising to not see this situation resolved one way or another last week. This further delay is downright bizarre. Shouldn't be a hard call in my book. Survey the season ticket holders and figure out whether the forthcoming cancellations outweigh what's left on the buyout. Which is not to say that there aren't other factors weighing in on each side, but my intuition is that the final arbiter will be what's easily quantifiable.

Meanwhile, the women are in the NCAA tournament with a #9 seed, paired off against C. Vivian Stringer's former team, Iowa. The winner will likely play host Stanford in the second round.

That's more like it: baseball swept FIU over the weekend.

Couple draft updates to pass along today. Anthony Davis dropped to the #4 tackle in Mike Mayock's positional rankings. Ryan D'Imperio saw reps at fullback on Pro Day, and has several visits lined up. Keith Sargeant quoted a NFL scout at Pro Day with positive comments on Kevin Haslam. Jack Corcoran also checks in again with his take on the event. Blair Bines was on the NFL Draft Bible podcast last week. Make sure to check out Draft Breakdown's take on Pro Day, which has a lot of good, detailed information.

Ray Rice was on for a segment on WFAN Friday morning. Mike Tranghese was on a Pittsburgh station yesterday with some interesting comments about the future of the BE, haven't had a chance to listen to that yet though.

Maryland coach Gary Williams on nomenclature:

Back then, Rutgers, it’s still the wrong name, it should be New Jersey State, just like N.C. State. It’s a bad name. I guess Rutgers gave a lot of money, so they got the name.

John Rowe in The Record says that Fred Hill and staff are looking at a center from a JUCO in Idaho.

UConn made a small profit on the Papajohn' Bowl, even though they sold fewer tickets than Rutgers in 2008 and had to eat greater losses there. They probably kept costs down on other fronts.

Once again, mark your calendars for Rutgers Day and the Spring Game.

Former RU pitcher Jack Egbert is still in camp with the Mets.

Some random recent Google findings: the 1977 Rutgers offensive playbook, and some coach's notes on a 2003 lecture that included a presentation from Coach Schiano on pages 5-9.

Just a thought - if Mr. Pernetti wants to avoid any public scrutiny for buying out Hill, today might just be the day to be overshadowed, with Gov. Christie's budget proposal set to be unveiled. Here's how Rutgers fares:

Higher education also takes a hit under Christie's proposal. Aid would diminish about $170 million, including the disappearance of state support for independent colleges and trims to programs such as Tuition Aid Grants and the Educational Opportunity Fund for economically and educationally disadvantaged students. County colleges would lose $19 million under Christie's proposal.

Rutgers now plans to offer buyouts to tenured professors.

But the program immediately raised concerns from the Christie administration, which questioned whether the public university had the authority to make such an offer without legislative approval.

Under the program, professors who are at least 65 years old, and who have logged at least 25 years on the job, can opt to receive a lump-sum payment in exchange for leaving Rutgers by July 1. About 300 of the university’s 2,400 professors are eligible.

One familiar name is representing the Christie administration in negotiations with New Jersey racing tracks.

The Governor's Office was represented in the negotiations by Jon F. Hanson, a real estate executive and former sports authority chairman, and and Robert E. Mulcahy III, former sports authority president and former head of athletics at Rutgers University.

Hanson and Mulcahy served on Christie's transition team and are members of an advisory commission that looks at the state's gambling, sports and entertainment concerns.

Via Dr. Saturday, Smart Football quotes Bill Parcells on his four rules for drafting a quarterback, which curiously enough all apply to Mike Teel.