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Thoughts on Pro Day

I didn't watch the event on Knight Vision yesterday live. Here are a few reactions based off the official posted results and various other reports from around the web. All the reports are saying that the bubble was packed with scouts from 26 (some say 27) teams, media, and recent Scarlet Knight alumni.

  • Tim Brown measuring in at 5'6 3/4 is not much of a surprise, but 151 lbs seems somewhat on the light side. Running 4.52 and 4.44 in the 40 yard dash definitely seems on the slow side, which Brown attributes to his ankle injury. Because that affected him during the season, and seeing Brown run for 4 years, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here. He's fast on film.
  • Measuring in at 235 lbs and putting up 30 bench reps can only help Jack Corcoran. Pass catching fullbacks are lagely a thing of the past in the NFL. He'll have to earn his paycheck as a blocker, with maybe some looks as a third down back in singleback sets. It's not fair, because he offers a unique skill set, and he's comfortable and productive in that role, but that will be his fate. The current trends among NFL offenses really seem to work against Corcoran, but scouts have shown a surprising amount of interest in him considering that, and his relative lack of opportunity in college.
  • Anthony Davis did not participate on the grounds that he was sick and pulled his hamstring, and Gil Brandt says that scouts in attendance (and positional coaches from teams like the Lions and Pats, who also sent their director of player personnel) were not happy as a result. Tom Luicci elaborates on this point (with more on Brown and others, too), and the Post has similar material. Don't really care to speculate any further at the moment, as this could be anything, even his agents and handlers being overprotective. All I know is that I'd tank if the Detroit Lions were showing any interest in me.
  • Brandt also notes George Johnson's impressive workout for a defensive end, which was hard not to see coming when you watch how athletic he looks on film. What really stands out is that he measured in at 6'4 3/8 and 268 lbs, bigger in both respects than I had anticipated. FYI: I am seeing other numbers elsewhere, and I think may be off on his height.
  • Don't care at all about Kevin Haslam's 40 time, but I'm floored by his poor shuttle and 3 cone scors. Really thought he'd shine in both respects.
  • Zaire Kitchen ran the 40 yard dash surprisingly well for a safety coming off two serious knee injuries, and Munoz's 4.49 will open some eyes. He had a great senior year. It's too bad for his sake that more NFL teams don't run the Tampa-2 scheme. The Jets and Bears are showing interest. Wonder if he'll get any looks as a tweener at safety. Ryan D'Imperio looks like a Tampa-2 LB to me too, and I still don't understand why people are surprised he ran a 4.65.
  • Will Spencer did an excellent job covering the event on Twitter, with great information about the scouts in attendance. The Baltimore Ravens contingent made a big splash with their featured guest..
  • Ray Rice at Rutgers pro day: "I need Devin McCourty in Baltimore. I'm here scouting him."
  • Baltimore DB coach Chuck Pagano was leading the DB drills, and Spencer's comments about Pagano's interest in McCourty raise a few eyebrows (in a good way). The Eagles sending their DB coach, Dick Jauron, seems important as well.