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Please G-d

You might want to look at Jon Rothstein's Twitter feed from today right about now.

Rothstein reportedly had some very interesting comments on the Michael Kay Show speaking with Ian O'Connor and Seth Everett. I will post a transcript of the interview tomorrow if/when the audio is posted online.

Update: Relevant section starts at 28:30. My transcript:

Host: What do you know on the Seth Greenberg front?

Rothstein: Well, Ian, it's interesting. I talked to some people close to Seth. And, you know, everybody has kind of made St. John's out to be a plum job. And, you know, we've all had discussions about the perception of this program. But, Seth obviously wants out of Blacksburg, Virginia. He wants another canvas to paint on, but, if Seth had his druthers, he'd prefer to take the opening at Rutgers. He thinks Rutgers is a more attractive position. He's a Jersey guy, and there's much more upside from a lot of coaches I've spoken to, once the Rutgers job's open versus the St. John's job.

And keep in mind too, Seth has a great relationship with Tim Pernetti, the new athletic director at Rutgers. So, Seth, by the way, I also found out, has been clamoring for an opportunity to get out of Blacksburg. Two years ago, when there was an opening at Oklahoma State, he wanted to try and go to Stillwater. And obviously that didn't work out, that job went to Travis Ford. But, when people see an opening at St. John's or Rutgers right now, Rutgers is by far more attractive to most people, including Seth Greenberg.

(Hosts proceed to ask Rothstein what Greenberg would do if Rutgers keeps Hill, and the only available option was St. John's. Rothstein knocks the St. John's program and administration, and links Tom Pecora to that job. Rothstein mentions Pecora and Mike Rice for the opening at Fordham, and says that Fran McCaffery turned down Fordham, and will be a candidate at Rutgers.)

Greenberg is from Long Island, but graduated from Farleigh Dickinson.

The phrase "a person close to" almost always translates to agent in these types of cases. That means there's a fairly significant chance that he's just angling for an extension, and trying to involve more than one bidder to force Virginia Tech's hand. Still, it's a big deal.

Update2: 5 pm Friday, and still nothing. However, there were two updates from the day that might be of interest.

Adam Zagoria essentially repeats yesterday's Greenberg rumor verbatim. Someone wants to get that story out there. David Glenn goes a little further.

The St. John’s job is open in all but the official sense, and the Rutgers job may come open soon. In both cases, according to multiple ACC and Big East sources, Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg already has been asked, through intermediaries, about his potential interest in the jobs.