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Equal time

User redrick, in response to my post yesterday, defends Fred Hill Jr. Here's your soapbox.

- Team made progress with two players getting awards, improvement at the point position, a solid (if still inefficient) shooter but good hustle defender in Rosario, an outside threat at the 4 and depth at the 4 with AJ. There’s a 7 ft player on the bench that still needs another year to be a regular player.
- The loss of Esch hurts and requires that the recruiting plans be adjusted for a position where we thought we were set for a while.
- The state will crucify RU if they have to eat $1.8M in this climate. The S-L will be merciless.
- RU was in a number of games where it was still close late in the game or they made a run that fell short. You hope that a year of maturity helps a couple of the guys execute better.
- A new coach also means some likely transfers out, 4 or 5 years of "rebuilding" and more malcontents chiming up after year 3 that the next coach can’t get it done.

I'm just venting because I think (read: no sources) that it's 70-30 Hill stays. Jerry Carino says his assistants might not though. For what it's worth, the players aren't throwing FHJ under the bus to the press.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure if anyone picked up on this, but Adam Zagoria seemed to confirm that rumor that was going around a while back (in a more elaborate form), which I didn't follow up on because it set off my BS detector. Bolded emphasis mine.

Although Hill did land the programs only McDonald's All-American in Mike Rosario and recruited Dane Miller, a member of the Big East All-Rookie Team, numerous players have also transferred out under his watch, most notably sophomore big man Greg Echenique, whose family was upset with the way his detached retina was handled by the school's medical and coaching staff.

Zags also floated a few names as potential replacements. I agree with redrick and LFBall if Pernetti is just going to unfreeze Tim Welsh, but there's one other name mentioned there, if he's available... (and I don't mean Eddie Jordan) If by chance those rumors are true, the only option is to try and beat St. John's to the punch.