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Briefly, on Pro Day

Unfortunately, I didn't have any time over the weekend to flesh these thoughts out (and was kinda counting on posting a Q&A with someone else for today or tomorrow, but that's not ready yet). Anyway, Pro Day is tomorrow at 2 pm. Loads of media and scouts will be crowding out the bubble, and everyone can throw away their productivity at work by watching the whole bit on Knight Vision. Naturally, the focus will turn towards Davis and McCourty, but here's a couple of things I'm watching solely in terms of the pro day. I'll leave any more detailed and comprehensive thoughts for closer towards the NFL Draft.

1. Shamar Graves should put up very good workout numbers. He's unlikely to be drafted due to inconsistent playing time, and sorely needed to return for his redshirt senior season. However, Graves has a chance to get on the UDFA radar with a big day.

2. Expect scouts to spend a lot of time pouring over the medical information for George Johnson and Ryan D'Imperio. Johnson's another player that I suspect to test really well. He's a good run defender, and his inconsistencies as a rusher owe a lot to his frequent nagging injuries. I never understood the rap on D'Imperio that his speed was an issue, but he's certainly undersized for a NFL linebacker. He didn't contribute many big plays as a senior (leaving that task to corps mates Antonio Lowery and Damaso Munoz), but there were frequent and loud whispers that D'Imperio was battling serious injury. If there's a chance that the 2008 D'Imperio is in there, he's worth a look.

3. My take on Kevin Haslam has always been "athletic, lacks strength/bulk, and mistake-prone". Given the first two quantities, I never understood why some of his assessments on the net peg Haslam as a future guard. Shouldn't it be the other way around, with teams eager to see how he fares in agility drills with an eye towards putting him at left tackle? It always seems like one of those scouting publications like BLESTO or National makes an early evaluation of a player as a junior, which usually isn't very good to begin with, and everyone on the net basically plagiarizes that report with a few words moved around and changed here and there.