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Spring training

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It wasn't the best week for Rutgers men's basketball, but it was one of the better ones if you're in the mood to read about the program. If you haven't already, drop everything right now and read Keith Sargeant's article about Jim Carr, and his son Brayden's struggle with epilepsy.

For anyone watching Dane Miller over the past few months, there was one nagging, unavoidable question: how in the world did Rutgers managed a pull someone that good right out of Syracuse's back yard? (h/t: Mike Vorkunov)

"I told people if Syracuse would have offered I wouldn't be a Scarlet Knight," said Miller. "I would be an Orangeman."

They never did. Even after Boeheim came to see Miller in person and saw him throw up a triple-double. It turned out to be the Orange's loss.

No sense in apologizing for doing something right for a change. Quincy Douby would have ended up at St. John's if Mike Jarvis had an ounce of good sense. Now, you can go back to hoping that Miller and everybody else are still Scarlet Knights last year.

I updated my post yesterday about this, but it bears repeating: Lenn Robbins listed the various coaching candidates for all the metro jobs in the Post on Sunday. Has some names I didn't consider or overlooked, and Robbins didn't consider some options who I think will get consideration. Should I hold off on posting the rest of my list (which has been essentially done for a while now) until there's some real movement on Fred Hill's status?

Everyone's saying that the Georgetown game didn't matter in terms of the NCAA Tournament, and that the Rutgers women will be in. Oh, they won? Guess they always had it in them.

Wrestling finished 7th at the EIWA tourney. Baseball was swept by GT, and is now 1-8 on the season.

Fooch caught up with Brian Leonard and Coach Schiano last week at his charity bowling event in the city (btw, he also talked to Shaun O'Hara a few weeks back). Gary Brackett and Nate Jones (with the Broncos) were among two of the early names to cash in during the first few days of free agency. Pretty good for an undrafted former walk-on, and seventh round pick, neither of whom won all that much in college, wouldn't you say? Also, this isn't going to happen, but there were even some Ray Rice trade rumors floating around.

As far as the upcoming Pro Day goes, the Jets were reportedly interested in Devin McCourty last weeka, but that may have changed following their trade for Antonio Cromartie. If Devin's reported electronic time at the Combine seemed a tick slow, you may be interested in this report suggesting a timer malfunction. He was also a guest on ESPN Radio's Football Tonight show last week, discussing his Combine experience. Check out Jack Corcoran's latest update on his training.

Brian Cook is, once again, the canary in the college football coal mine. Check out his recent posts about the declining prevalence of elite OOC matchups in college football (which piggybacks a Brian Fremeau article from Football Outsiders), and the notion that several local newspaper websites plan to run Bleacher Report posts.

Seems as though the bad news keeps piling on for West Virginia football.

When in doubt about Todd Frazier, just write a story about his versatility (and don't worry about him getting hit by a pitch).

The Rutgers sports information department was one of 11 honored by by the Football Writers Association of America.

The NJSEA is not in the best place right now, with a projected deficit of $935 million over time. That figure includes the original Rutgers Stadium construction in 1992, and allowing the Giants and Jets to make a mint off their new stadium. Not to mention the ongoing disaster known as Xanadu. I passed by that mess on my way into the city over the weekend, and my eyes are still bleeding. No amount of pictures can prepare you for seeing it in person. Makes you wonder what infernal commitee greenlit such a hideous design.