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Wrapping up the Combine

Devin McCourty's time in the 40 yard dash of 4.48 was actually lower than I had expected. However, most of the defensive backs did not run well yesterday - Florida's Joe Haden was reportedly in the 4.6 range. In that context, Devin actually fared relatively well when people are tossing around phrases like "biggest winner among defensive backs" and "near outstanding". His mirror universe rival Kyle Wilson did not run because of injury.

Seems to be the consensus. This report from the National Football Post's Aaron Wilson is very informative too. Take into account his strong interviews and the first round is a definite possibility. That's important; the drills can only tell so much when there's already years of film on a prospect. It's crazy to say that Anthony Davis was hurt by a poor time in the 40 yard dash (in itself, that may correlate with conditioning concerns), but this could hurt him more.

Known for consistently being late and not being accountable in college, Davis demonstrated his immaturity during interviews.

Could just be that he's a poor interviewer, but that's the word today.

Pro day's only a week away at this point. Then, it's basically nothing in terms of football for two weeks until spring practice starts. If you think this right now is hard, wait until May-August.