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Last week's links

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The Fred Hill roller coaster ride continues, with the Scarlet Knights laughing off an early hole to come back at home against DePaul. That was absolutely a must win for Hill. They won't be able to get away with sleeping through a half against Seton Hall. Do the fans bother to show up for that one? More important, is a passable showing enough to make the athletic director unwilling to eat the $1.8 million left on his contract?

Following a home loss to St. John's last week, C. Vivian Stringer vowed not to go to the NIT. It's refreshing to see someone acknowledging that the NIT is by no means an acceptable result for either Rutgers basketball team. Either make the NCAA tournament, or the season is an utter failure. This has been a trying season for Stringer, with the team not living up the expectations, and the roster thinned by transfers. Other hard-edged coaches like Joe Paterno and Tom Coughlin have been able to reinvent themselves in recent years. She clearly cares, but some time off from the grind,and lower expectations may not be the worst thing in the world.

Here's some news which is fairly obvious to you and me, but may come as a surprise to the rest of the country.

The consensus among Big Ten sources, officials from other conferences and TV executives is that Rutgers offers the best package. Missouri is second and Pittsburgh third.

Rutgers is one of five schools known to be under consideration.

Check out Kevin Haslam's interview with Patriots Daily. Mike Mayock is a fan of Devin McCourty. Sam Hellman from the Targum is blogging, and shared this tidbit about why Anthony Davis disappointed in Indianapolis.

Davis was never comfortable and extremely shy while meeting with reporters he knew well at Rutgers.

Guess it's up to Devin to run well today.

It's common knowledge that Miami Dolphins boss (and NJ native) Bill Parcells is especially fond of football players who grew up in the in the Northeast. Nate Jones is no exception, following Parcells from the Cowboys after Jerry Jones forced the Tuna out in Dallas several years back. Now Jones is an impeding free agent, and his future in Miami is in question considering their depth chart.

" I think I fit well here," he said. "Ultimately they’re going to do what’s best for the team. I think I have a position, a role on this team. If not, that’s just how this league works. It is a business, and this is how it goes."

It was later reported that Jones won't be back with the Dolphins. Things aren't looking good for Darnell Stapleton in Pittsburgh either.

Even though there was plenty of speculation after the Indianapolis Colts didn't use their franchise tag last week on Gary Brackett, the two sides are still working on a deal.

Here's an older story from a few weeks back. Remember how it was reported in January that the Big East was still negotiating with the Pizza Bowl? Two factors were holding up that deal. The SEC was still trying to figure out whether or not they'll send their #8 team to Birmingham or Memphis, and there was actually a possibility of the Big East taking the SEC's Liberty Bowl bid in certain years. As of two and a half weeks ago, those negotiations were still ongoing.

Optimism's abound for the future of Rutgers wrestling.

The WNBA blog Swish Appeal has a post up speculating about the rumors that former Rutgers great Cappie Pondexter will land with the New York Liberty.

There's finally some movement on the long-in-the-works ESPN New York project. Rumored college writer Kevin Armstrong has a background in that from his work at SI, and he's now writing stuff like this Geoff Billet piece at the times, so he'd be a natural fit there. ESPN NY probably won't be a game changer in terms of RU coverage though.

Todd Frazier is the #43 prospect in the Baseball America top 100 rankings, and is getting a look at multiple positions during spring training. Jack Egbert is in camp with the Mets. Those are the best RU baseball stories at the moment following two losing weekends to start out the season.

With their athletic department in the red, Seton Hall is cutting track. With Rutgers eliminating sports several years back, that's clearly a painful process where everybody loses.

Former RU assistant Cary Godette has joined ECU in an administrative role.

One Indiana student has a bone to pick with Tom Luicci for speculating about Tom Crean's job security. I don't understand Jordan Cohen's logic there. Wouldn't three ongoing decades of basketball mediocrity make Luicci an expert about the coaching carousel?

State Sen. Ray Lesniak continues to push for a merger between Rutgers, NJIT, and UMDNJ, despite opposition from the UMDNJ president. I don't have any opinion on that giant merger, but Rutgers and UMDNJ-New Brunswick should absolutely be one institution.

If you hate the ongoing Eminent Domain abuse in Brooklyn for the purpose of stealing the Nets as much as I do, check out this recent article on the topic.