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The long, cold, football-less winter

FYI, I'm still working on my '10 class recap, but time's limited right now. Will post that as soon as it's finished and readable. No, I'm not sitting on any updates about the coaching vacancies or anything else. One of the names I speculated about for tight ends, Bob Price, is apparently shifting to an administrative role at UVA. I noticed that article because their new QB coach, Bill Lazor, used to be with the Seahawks, and probably was Mike Teel's advocate in Seattle.

Unfortunately, wrestling's showdown with the powerhouse Lehigh program over the weekend was postponed because of the big storm. The up and down season for the women's taem continues with a win over USF in Tampa. Which you'd know, if you had been keeping track with Brittany Ray's blog. Don't really care much about the men losing to Louisville by double digits. If the smoke monster imitating Fred Hill wants to keep its job, beating Georgetown on Sunday would be a start.

The Schianocopter should watch its back, because a booster just donated a private plane to the USF program. Internet bloggers are searching for it on Flight Aware as you read this sentence.

Things are slow right now, so of course the boards aren't happy about Phil Mushnick complaining that Rutgers signed as many prospects from Florida as New Jersey in the NY Post. Well, at least the NY press is paying attention to RU football. If any other good can come from that, it's that Graystork came out of hibernation to post another invective. I said good day sir!

Yesterday, Jack Corcoran posted the second entry in his draft blog - focusing on his postseason training and Sunday's Super Bowl. Steve Politi posted a Q&A with Brandon Renkart before the game on Saturday. From JoeBucsFan, here's a picture of Eric Foster captivating media row in Miami with his bad singing.

Football season may be over, but that just means that spring training's right around the corner. Todd Frazier loves Bruce Springsteen and Manny Ramirez, and of course wants to make the Reds this year.

Former Rutgers HC Doug Graber retired from Stan Parrish's staff at Ball State.

NJN has video up of their interview with Pres. McCormick that aired on Sunday. Didn't get a chance to view that one as I normally would, but I hope to soon.

Changes may be afoot with several of the senior postseason all-star games. Texas vs. the Nation is looking for a new home next year, and the Shrine Game may be kaput entirely. Maybe that's just posturing, or it'll be replaced by another game, but scouts and prospects both really need these showcases. The Texas game was able to gain a foothold right away with the demise of the Hula Bowl several years back.

The New Jersey Assembly will soon consider a legislative proposal to legalize sports gambling in New Jersey. As the article notes, the bill can only take effect with a favorable ruling from the federal Supreme Court on Sen. Ray Lesniak's lawsuit. Betting would probably be a net positive for the state's perilous fiscal situation, but any proposal is sure to anger the NCAA and other organizations.

On a somewhat related note, the Star-Ledger is suing the NJSEA to release contract documents.