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Super Bowl Stunner

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How did I find this story on NBC's Indianapolis TV affiliate website, when no one else is mentioning it anywhere else? It's only from that one source, with not so much of a mention anywhere else, so it was hard deciding whether to link this. That'll probably help blow the story up, and I'll very happy to be wrong if this is a hoax.

A Colts player will not face charges over a sex assault allegation.Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said criminal charges would not be filed against Eric Foster, a defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts.

An employee at the University Place Hotel alleged that Foster assaulted her the night before the AFC playoff game, where the Colts were staying. Police filed a report, but the prosecutor found no evidence to support the claims made by the employee.

I can only hope that Eric's exoneration indicates his innocence.

Everyone has their wild Foster stories, but he's always so affable, and teammates and fans admire his relentless play. Eric's arguably one of the most admired and beloved Scarlet Knights of all time I thought the worst we'd hear about Eric this week would be his bad dance moves. As far as I can tell Indianapolis doesn't have an incident report of the allegations online.

Well, that just about overshadowed my already written news post, the rest of which you can read below.

First up, some 2010 scheduling updates. I don't recall if these have been announced before, but the Norfolk State game is either Sep. 2nd or 4th, UNC is on the 25th, and Army has been previously announced as 10/16.

Brian Leonard is promoting his upcoming charity bowling event in New York City, and SNY had an interview about a month back covering that and other topics (they supposedly had good signing day coverage too, although I wasn't home in time to catch it). Coach Schiano and Ray Rice will be there along with other Scarlet Knight alumni, and apparently WFAN has been running promos for the event. Speaking of which, WFAN also recently aired interviews with Eric Foster and Ray Rice (on Francesa's show, no less). Stunning, considering that RU usually gets nothing but disparaging comments from that station (in part to tweak Chris Carlin). Like seemingly everyone who follows Rutgers, Ray is pulling for the Colts.

Jeff Fisher says that Kenny Britt's offseason problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Signing day leftovers: Jordan Thomas, Michael Burton, Fooch video with Coach Schiano, Schiano on Rivals Radio.

Bret Bielema's comments yesterday will raise a few eyebrows in New Jersey.

"Nobody has to remind anybody in this room the success that coach Alvarez's staff had," Bielema said of recruiting New Jersey. "Coach has been prodding me, and we're definitely going to explore that even more now."

Former UW secondary coach Kerry Cooks recruited Tamakloe because of his connections to the D.C. area. Even though Cooks left for Notre Dame, Bielema would like to mine the D.C. area.

Bielema has yet to name Cooks' replacement but said when he does he will restructure the staff's recruiting areas to include New Jersey and D.C.

Their pulls this year were more of a fluke than anything else considering the circumstances of Brennan's recruitment. Wisconsin does not have any coaches with ties to the region, and just completed their staff with a new hire from Iowa State. Of course, they also generated a lot of ill will here by pulling Nate Nurse's scholarship.

From what I've seen, George Johnson continues to get positive mentions down in Texas. Devin McCourty met with the Chiefs at the Senior Bowl.

Apparently News 12 ran a story about some professors complaining about the proposed RAC expansion plans. Didn't see it, so won't comment further.

Maybe now we know what's up with all of those Kevin Boyle rumors that Adam Zagoria keeps tweeting about?

Xanadu may have one last chance...minus the name and ugly exterior. That's on the heels of the news that the Christie administration is stepping in to the Nets' plans to move to Newark next year. The one underlying theme in both stories is that Christie is creating a new advisory commission for sports and gaming, which will include former Rutgers A.D. and NJSEA head Bob Mulcahy. Yes, Mulcahy now has a significant say over the future of both Rutgers Stadium and Xanadu, among other facilities.