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No, hell didn't freeze over

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Definitely a good weekend for Rutgers sports, even with another loss in women's basketball. Wrestling is catching fire at the moment, with a big crowd at the RAC on Friday night to watch a win over #19 Virginia. Plenty of fans were watching at home with Knightvision.Then they follow up with Navy at the Barn, and the Goodale's boys could very well be ranked this week. And this was a team that was supposed to be a year away, with a young roster, Winston redshirting, and not yet working with a full contingent of scholarships. Great story, and a great model for turning the other sport programs around.

Yes, wrestling is so hot right now that it overshadowed the men's team finally getting its first Big East win over Notre Dame. It wasn't much of a surprise talent wise; ND is soft, unathletic, and doesn't play any defense. Harangody has never been able to deal with Hamady N'Diaye, so how exactly was he going to this year when H is putting it all together? Mindblowing to see the team actually trying though; wish that was the case with other winnable games on the schedule. Nice to see, but nothing's changed. Greg Robinson beat Notre Dame too in football. Chris Christie was in attendance too, who for some reason thought it'd be a good idea to wear a Delaware sweatshirt.

So yeah, I'm still working on my coaching candidates list, and unfortunately didn't have time to make any headway on that over the weekend. Why exactly are people taking Bleacher Report speculation about Bobby Knight seriously again? Adam Zagoria has the real scoop, pretty similar to what I've been thinking (in my drafts and that soccer post from last week).

"I’ve heard Fran McCaffery, that’s what I heard," he said. "I’ve been told Fran Fraschilla would take it. I’ve been told Tim Welsh would take it." He also threw out Hofstra coach Tom Pecora’s name as a possibility.

Yes, maybe, Welsh line, noooooooooo. Other links I've been saving for that writeup include Pete Thamel's NYT writeup on Jim Baron, Bob Hurley's declaration of non-interest (but his son and Kevin Boyle may want to move up). Bob isn't coming, but he'd very much like to see Danny in the job, which effectively throws FHJ under a bus. Even with the qualifier, how can he say that until Hill gets officially canned? Wow. I guess the coaching search is officially on, now that surrogates are officially starting to dig Fred's grave and start publicly campaigning for their favorite candidates. On principle, I'm going to ignore what Woj says this time (which would probably be Hurley, no?)

Oh yeah, LFBall is dancing around (with more in comments section), and I'm wondering if he's hintingGreenberg (an unrealistic dream, imo), or just continuing with his Al Skinner love. Based on my pessimism about the state of the basketball program and athletic department finances, I strongly disagree with the premise of that post, although Lincoln does know his stuff. I am definitely considering the possibility of bringing in a proven major coach though, and Skinner's one of a few who could actually be available. That's it for now, I really need to get cracking on all this...

Kevin Haslam gave an interview with NFL Draft Bible. has one with Devin McCourty (a big thumbs down on his Cowboy fandom). Anthony Davis's friendship with Eugene Monroe helped him pick an agent. Seems like Devin had a good week, although overshadowed somewhat by Kyle Wilson. There was the Pro Bowl yesterday (with talking to the two Knights involved), and now the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, and Gary Brackett is shooting down rumors of leaving the Colts for the Eagles in free agency.

What do NFL scouts look for when evaluating offensive linemen?

Rev. Alex Britt says that his nephew is a giving person.

"Kenny has donated over $100,000 to my church, bought an organ for church, bought a van for church, bought a car for sister and car for a friend from Rutgers," the Rev. Alex Britt said. "He donated sneakers to basketball teams here … and before Christmas went to a Wal-Mart in Murfreesboro and bought stuff for kids."

"But those things haven't been reported. He just likes to give to other people.''

Speaking of the clergy, The Record has an update on former Scarlet Knight and NFL veteran Tyronne Stowe.

Sunday was the NJSWA banquet at the Pines Manor in Edison. As per the Hurley update above, Mr. Pernetti is well acquainted with Lou Lamoriello.

Rutgers football star and current Tennessee Titan wide receiver Kenny Britt was named AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year. Rutgers athletics director Tim Pernetti received the College Sports "Good Guy" award.

Let's hope Dan Donigan is the Schiano of Rutgers soccer, and not the Hill. Actually, Goodale probably works better as an analogy here. has an interview up with Todd Frazier, who's spent his offseason training at Rutgers.

Did you know that that the new Cornell coach and former Ole Miss OC Kent Austin is the son of former RU All American Billy Austin?

Former Gov. Corzine may teach at Rutgers. Pres. McCormick spoke recently on record enrollment and fiscal challenges facing the university.

Here's a story that made its way around the blogosphere last week: has only sold 35 subscriptions. Ken Davidoff is the man, but they're understandably going to have issues with a regional paper when so many Long Island residents can already read it for free as Cablevision subscribers. Sounds like the Dolans have bungled yet another venture though.