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Nothing about UConn or Marquette tonight

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Posters on the boards noticed that senior OL Marlon Romulus is no longer on the roster. That'll open up one ship, while thinning the depth chart somewhat.

Football Coach Scoop reported a couple days back that Joe Susan was interviewing for the Bucknell job. Susan was also a finalist for that opening seven years ago. Susan spent the 80s as an assistant at Bucknell, where he actually recruited Greg Schiano to the school. The report is not currently accessible on FCS's site, and there isn't any other information out there about the job or Susan's level of interest.

Kenny Britt's uncle has an explanation as to why Kenny didn't pay his parking tickets.

"The traffic violation was my fault,’’ Reverend Britt said. "He got arrested because I didn’t pay the ticket like I should have. He has not written a check yet. He is 21 years old and believe it or not, he has never written a check. I have written every check for him. It is very embarrassing it went to the level it did.’’

That's one way to avoid entourages and hangers-on, although it's admittedly a little odd. Probably isn't the first person right out of college to be in a similar situation though.

It was finally announced that DMC was in the Senior Bowl last week, even though it was pretty much common knowledge everywhere. Hence, he was in Mobile instead of attending Sunday's awards banquet. Detroit's Jim Schwartz is coaching the North team, which is notable because the staffs always fall in love with a few players down there. He measured in at about 5'10 1/2 and 186 lbs. Mike Mayock is one of the few media types actually worth listening to about the draft, and his initial top 5 position rankings include Davis and McCourty. Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah was one analyst impressed by McCourty.

The Shrine Game was on Saturday, and I didn't watch it. Probably couldn't have gleamed much anyway, as the practices are supposed to be more important than the actual game. There were reports that Haslam looked good during the week. I always expected him to excel during the predraft process, and he'd really benefit from a Combine invite. He'll test well, and has a projectable frame. Typically, a couple spots are held open for seniors who excel during the Shrine, Senior Bowl, or the Texas vs. the Nation game practices.

Speaking of Haslam, Scott Smith on Twitter says that Kevin is a client of his XAM agency. If accurate, that'd be the third known agent signing after McCourty (and Davis with Athletes First, Eric Foster's agency - sub required for story). There was a post on Rivals about Tim Brown a few weeks back, but I haven't been able to find anything on the web about that yet.

Did you know: Jeremy Ito is tied for the NCAA record for most field goals attempted?

Rutgers fans may not like Willis McGahee's penchant for vulturing touchdowns from Ray Rice, but Ray says that he'd like to keep McGahee around. That'd keep the Baltimore roster stronger, and lessen Ray's workload, although it's fair to expect that McGahee may want to start elsewhere.

Want some podcast material to listen to during the commute? Ray Rice called in to Thursday's Adam Carolla podcast. Gary Brackett was on WFAN that morning too. Be sure to check out Mike Vorkunov's interview with Bobby Deren from Rivals, where they talk about Deren's new book about the NFL Draft.

In case anyone needed another reason to dislike Braylon Edwards (really Jets, you really decided to get him instead of Miles Austin last fall), Mr. Stone Hands got a dig in at Jamaal Westerman in Tara Sullivan's column from Saturday. It's mostly focusing on Brackett in terms of the Colts game though.

While it's unlikely that Todd Frazier will get a look at shortstop this year for the Cincinnati Reds, it's not completely out of the question.

Man, 2010 just keeps getting worse for West Virginia. There's more rumored bad recruiting news, and now QB Geno Smith broke his foot.