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Final blogpoll ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Boise State 3
4 Texas
5 TCU 2
6 Cincinnati 1
7 Virginia Tech 2
8 Ohio State 2
9 Pittsburgh 7
10 Iowa 2
11 Oregon 4
12 Georgia Tech 4
13 Penn State 5
14 Brigham Young 10
15 LSU 2
16 Nebraska 7
17 Oklahoma
18 Stanford 1
19 Southern Cal
20 Arkansas
21 Miami (Florida) 10
22 Connecticut
23 Clemson 1
24 Wisconsin
25 North Carolina
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Arizona (#14), Oregon State (#15), California (#20), West Virginia (#21), Houston (#25).

As much as I've been on the B10 this year, and deservedly so, their good bowl season does count for a rankings boost. I still won't have those teams as other voters, because they were too high during the season, and that can't be entirely thrown out. Correspondingly, the Pac-10 does take a hit with all of their losses even though they were excellent for months.

I'm very happy to have UConn on my ballot, because the Big East doesn't get nearly enough respect in polls, and they are coming off an impressive win over South Carolina. They went 2-5 in close games, so it's fair to think of them as the equivalent to a 9 win team. Their impressive resume should get them in, especially as a candidate to prop up over sputtering West Virginia.