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Can't blame him

It's come to where I'm actively rooting against the men's basketball program in every contest. They desperately need a change this year, instead of waiting for things to further crumble and make the eventual, inevitable rebuilding that much more difficult. In that context, I very much welcome the other shoe finally dropping.

We’ve been working the phones the past couple of days and we keep hearing how disgruntled Mike Rosario is, and how the chances of him leaving the program after this season are rising by the day.

Godspeed. Maybe it would have worked in a better situation. Certainly no one can blame him. If Rosario, Echenique, Miller, whoever being sacrificed are the price for change, so be it. We wouldn't be winning with John Wall. Now that it's looking like this may actually happen, I'm starting to think about a candidate list. And coming to the sad realization of how difficult it's going to be to find a good choice. But as dire as things look at the moment, someone has to look at all of the positives and have the confidence bordering on arrogance to step up to the plate, right?

It's not like Rutgers athletics needs more trouble on its plate right now, so C. Vivian Stringer righting the ship playing at #22 Pitt was a welcome sign. They're off to Cuse on Wed, for the game that night that really counts.

Devin McCourty will be training in Naples, FL with several Cincy and Pitt prospects.

The news that Seattle canned Jim Mora and staff to hire Pete Carroll is not very good for Mike Teel's future prospects with the Seahawks. The new offensive coordinator will likely want to pick his own quarterback of the future, even if Teel ends up sticking around on the roster. I'd watch to see where the former OC Gregg Knapp lands. The Jets did like him a lot last year, but that was before they took Mark Sanchez.

Coach Schiano has reason to crow today.

"Matter-of-factly," Schiano said yesterday, "I told them he’d be one of the best in the NFL, if not the best."

Did you know that Kenny Britt's mother never watched his games in person at Rutgers? Ray Rice is either Rated R, or Rock Star Rizzle, depending on who you ask. Hooray for 8-bit Brian Leonard. A local Scranton paper had a few paragraphs on John McNulty yesterday too.

With Jim Leavitt's firing, I can understand mourning a figure who was the father of the USF program. He was not a very good gameday coach though,and his sideline antics pretty much convinced the entire world that he was a crazy person before Brett McMurphy filed any of his stories at Fanhouse. In the end, Leavitt was Nixon'd, covering up an act that could have probably been otherwise swept under the rug. That report is captivating stuff, and the real interesting part is that USF accidentally released all of the names of the supposedly anonymous players. Obviously, it's now open season on USF verbal commitments (and holy hell, is the national recruiting scene suddenly getting interesting, the Matt Elam saga being one of about ten prominent recent examples).

Friday was just full of excitement, with lots of interesting stories floating around the web. Apparently Notre Dame almost left for the Big Ten in 2004. Say what?

"Four or five years ago my athletic director called me in for a meeting and told me to be prepared. We’re going to the Big Ten," Brey said, so matter-of-factly that you figured everyone knew about it.

It's common knowledge that the B10 courted ND in 1999, but this came completely out of the blue.

Could Rutgers Lacrosse actually be good this year? The way things are going, it better be...