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No hope, none whatsoever

It's funny; I saw last week as ultimately fool's gold, and expected the basketball team to eventually crash back to earth, but not this fast. Has to be some sort of record for the most extreme dramatic swing from cautious optimism to utter oblivion in an entire fanbase. The Rutgers athletic department just announced that Greg Echenique is transferring. What has been an eventful friday (Conan/Leno, Leavitt, Carroll) is suddenly hitting very close to home. Perfect, right before a game at Providence that should have been more than winnable.

The conventional wisdom is that Fred Hill's buyout is almost certainly going to buy him another season, but at this point everyone has to think they'll take a much bigger hit from another year and a half of this misery, right? We can lose games just as easily without Rosario and Miller as with them. It's absolutely sickening to see the program sink faster by the day. There is no time to waste, and any hesitation at all just makes the inevitable rebuilding that much harder.

With Syracuse fans sure to pack the RAC Orange on Wednesday, I was going to joke around with them about how they were all going to help pay Coach Schiano's salary. Now I just hope that they're charitable enough to bring a few sympathy "FIRE HILL" signs. I can't imagine that any Rutgers fans, who did their all in showing up for Cincinnati, are going to bother attending.