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Knightly News

Per Clif Marshall, Devin McCourty will be training for the draft at the Ignition facility in Naples, Florida. TFY is reporting that National (one of the two league-wide NFL scouting services along with BLESTO) has Devin ranked as its #1 senior cornerback. If this reportedly leaked list of senior Combine invitees is accurate, DMC and Davis (once juniors are announced) will be the only two Scarlet Knights working out in Indianapolis this February.

In other draft news, we now have an official idea of what the final selection order is going to look like, so feel free to start speculating as to potential Anthony Davis landing spots.

After Cincinnati (sans Brian Kelly) laid an egg against Florida, it was nice to see UConn earn back some credibility for the Big East by hammering South Carolina. Hopefully Cincinnati and West Virginia's losses portend them coming back to the conference pack. Another obstacle that's no longer in our path. Same goes for Pitt probably losing defensive coordinator Phil Bennett to Texas A&M. There's no word yet on whether their juniors will declare, but UNC's defenders say they will be back, which will likely spring them to a preseason top 25 ranking.

The Chicago Bears signed Kevin Malast and Kevin Brock to futures contracts. Malast has a decent chance of sticking as long as Lovie Smith remains as coach.

Ray Rice was interviewed on WFAN yesterday.

I was searching for an unrelated matter on Google over the weekend, and came across StatSheet's wonderful college referees database. Recommended, if only so you can make a fist and curse Tim Higgins. BTW, Charleston beat UNC...

Applications to Rutgers University are surging, which is likely to spur projected record enrollment and put a further strain on facilities.

Courtney McAnuff, vice president for enrollment, said Rutgers had received 30,343 undergraduate applications - 7 percent ahead of last year and "dead even" with the record influx that followed the football team's 10-win season in 2006.

There was a good column recently in the Washington Post railing against Eminent Domain abuse, specifically singling out the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn.