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Happy Thoughts: Kenny Britt

I think Tennessee's revival can be credited more to Chris Johnson and an improved defense than their passing game, but it's fun to watch nonetheless.

This last one is more pointless than anything else, but does feature Kenny.

Can we just make it a rule that juniors have to dominate like Britt or Rice did before everyone projects them to make millions in the NFL?

Couple links after the jump.

Is Rutgers TE coach Joe Susan a candidate for the next head coach at Princeton? Don't get too excited yet, not by a brief mention citing an internet site. Naturally, the topic came up after practice yesterday.

The Chicago Bears signed Kevin Brock to their practice squad.

Ray Rice has been so vital to the Ravens this year that Gary Brackett was able to seal last Sunday's victory for the Colts by shadowing Rice and intercepting a Joe Flacco pass.

Despite speculation that the St. Pete Bowl would be interested in bringing back USF (particularly for a potential USF/UCF matchup), it looks like they're eying Rutgers and UConn. Have to think that RU would be the favorite if they take care of business on Friday. Even though it'd be against a C-USA opponent, St. Pete looks a lot more appealing than Toronto or Detroit at this time of the year.

Awww, Stuart Nachbar isn't spilling any good dirt about the recent TD Club meeting this time.

Iranians see New Jersey as a wonderful Shangri-La of forbidden vices.

Sorry, I am preoccupied a bit with the upcoming holiday, but I do have some half-finished posts that should be ready soon. Going to try and finish my UL writeup tonight and queue it for tomorrow.