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Bet they could still beat Notre Dame

Late breaking Twitter news last night: injured Syracuse DT Arthur Jones will miss the remainder of this season, his final year of eligibility. That's some serious, biblical-level torture, although it was partially inevitable on a roster with little in the way of depth to begin with.

And to think, I thought my only comment on the Cuse today would be to mention ESPN's dastardly decision to not let SNY (and other conference affiliates) air the game, instead exclusively limiting it to their 360 online service. Dare I ask why on earth SNY and/or the Big East ever agreed to contracts that didn't stipulate on this, or say, filming games in HD? Can our media expert Tim Pernetti please look over the next TV contract before it's signed? Not to mention, my provider Comcast added 360 this year to their lineup, and ESPN turns around and takes programming away from one of their properties. This can't go on.

The USF Bulls have a propensity to run their mouths. Have to say though, even though he's a numbskull, these comments by Kion Wilson were accurate.

"Their offensive line had extremely a lot of hype going into the game, but they're second in the Big East in giving up sacks," Wilson said. "They don't handle stunts and pressure very well, so hopefully Coach (defensive coordinator Joe) Tresey will be aggressive with the play-calling, and have our defensive line do a lot of stunting and a lot of blitzing and hopefully we'll be able to get pressure on the quarterback."

May not have been the brightest thing to say though, with the way Mr. Invisible has been playing at right end as of late. Although, Anthony Davis has had his own nasty habit of daydreaming about future paychecks this year. At least he's smart enough to not suggest that Selvie is anything less than an elite player.

Speaking of the whole "revenge" factor that was also mentioned, why is it that the league's worst gameday coaches seem to emphasize that the most? Jim Leavitt should spend less time acting like a clown on the sidelines, and more managing the clock.

It's interesting that the Memphis athletic department is so determined to jump to the Big East, given that their football program is in shambles, and just fired their coach yesterday. Don't really see how they end up a viable candidate any time soon, no matter who is the next hire. The same goes for other the C-USA also-rans. Honestly, Temple looks like the best choice out there for an expansion candidate. I've thought that for some time. Before writing a detailed post about it, I wanted to wait for them to actually turn the corner. Now it'll hinge on keeping HC Al Golden in place, who'd make a lot of sense at Maryland or UVA next year. I'm really hoping that Virginia passes on the NJ native for someone like a Mike London.