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There is no Moise Plancher

there is only, generic_USF_tailback. None of those guys have really stood out to this point, and that's an underreported aspect that I'd like to briefly consider.

When it comes to next week's game between Rutgers and USF, a lot of attention, quite rightly, is being placed on freshman QB B.J. Daniels. He's the Bulls' leading rusher, which is as much a testament to his prowess as an indictment some some combination of their playcalling and/or depth chart. If you think the Rutgers committee hasn't looked impressive, check out what USF has mustered in the ground. It's strange, considering that you'd think with a freshman QB, the Bulls would lean more on the running game.

True, the senior Plancher did play well against West Virginia, but that's after not seeing many touches since their game against Western Kentucky. They've had some injuries on their offensive line too. How come they haven't had a feature back since Andre Hall skipped town four years ago, though? A reliance on a scrambling QB is part of that; you could just as easily say Hall only saw so many carries because Pat Julmiste was just that bad.

A lot of observers, including myself, were really impressed with backup Mike Ford's combination of size and athleticism. The dreaded two Is - injuries and inconsistency, have largely held back Ford up to this point. He's a guy you want to file away for the future, as a textbook example of a prospect the New York Giants could pluck out of obscurity and turn into their next feature back. Ford hasn't shown all that much as of late, with freshman Lindsey Lamar pushing for more touches.

Scrambling's fine, but it is an invitation to get your quarterback hit. Not having an effective, traditional running game does make the Bulls somewhat one-dimensional, and I think that's to our advantage on Thursday. They're like a far, far more talented FIU in that respect.