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Talk about burying the lede

Buried in an article in yesterday's Boston Herald about RB Josh Haden's impending transfer from Boston College was a brief tease about "mutual interest" with Rutgers and ECU. My 100% speculation about that one is that Coach Trivers is very connected to the prep scene in Maryland, and could open a few doors. However, I'd prefer not to take Haden for several reasons. I think he's more of a a scat back than a feature guy, he would have to sit a year then only have two to play, and Rutgers is in the mix for better prospects over the next two years. Wouldn't necessarily be that upset if this does end up bearing fruit, but I'd lean against it. Most transfers do not work out.

Well, you can stop worrying that Army press release, because the game is officially moving to the new Giants Stadium. Anyone who dares use the "Meadowlands" name can get lost.

If you haven't read Aditi's article about Tim Brown and Andre Dixon, you should.

USF returned a bunch of tickets to Rutgers for next Thursday's game, and they can be yours for only $25. Buy a couple just so you can make crude remarks to Jenn Sterger (let me be clear about this, for being a Z-lister, not for her gender or anything like that), and then sneak back in after you're tossed by security.

A National Football Post columnist reviewed the play of Tim Brown and Anthony Davis against UConn. I don't really agree with his assessment of how Davis played, but make up your own mind.

This was making the rounds on Rivals yesterday - lost in the recent ACC bowl shuffle (refresher: losing Gator, adding Sun) is that the Tire Bowl (see, it's much more fun to say than "Meineke Car Care", isn't it) is increasing its conference payouts, leading to a jump over the Music City Bowl in the ACC's pecking order. I'm not too happy with the way things worked out with the bowl renegotiations, but this is a positive development.

Another article making the rounds is about how that afore-mentioned new stadium was heavily subsidized by public funds.

And, as long as we're dredging up old athletic department stuff today, the Providence Journal has a piece on Nelligan Sports Marketing, and what exactly they do for schools.

You don't see many stories about Nate Jones of the Dolphins, but with a looming matchup with Wes Welker, he's getting some attention from one Bill Belichick.

Anyone catch Tim Pernetti's comments about watching the '92 VT highlights on Youtube the other day? It's interesting, if only because Youtube is not exactly an ideal solution for many reasons. I guess our dream of an omni-potent VoD service remains far away. Still, the athletic department is making baby steps when it comes to new media, as evidenced by Brittany Ray's new blog. That seems to be using the same software that Brian Leonard uses at the Rutgers Magazine site. This is interesting if only for the possibility that other student-athletes could be featured in the future.

If there's an article in the Times about the current perils facing public universities, focusing on the disparity between in and out-of-state tuition, you can bet that Rutgers is prominently involved.

Finally, if you're that desperate for workplace reading, there's always the Philly Inquirer's new story about the Jersey Devil.