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My blogpoll ballot: week nine

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Cincinnati 1
4 TCU 1
5 Texas 1
6 Boise State 3
7 Oregon 3
8 Iowa 1
9 Georgia Tech 2
10 Pittsburgh 3
11 Southern Cal 8
12 LSU
13 Penn State 3
14 Arizona 7
15 Houston 7
16 Virginia Tech 8
17 Miami (Florida) 3
18 Oklahoma
19 Utah
20 Ohio State
21 California 2
22 South Florida
23 Oklahoma State 8
24 Wisconsin
25 West Virginia 8
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: South Carolina (#24), Central Michigan (#25).

It's mostly a crapshoot after the top ten or so.

Iowa's win over Indiana last week was telling. It hurt Iowa's SOS, but I'm not going to hold an early scare against the Hawkeyes. That happens all the time, and the yardage disparity in that one shows how much better Iowa was.

Rutgers is even getting a few votes now in some ballots, although I'm not ready to go that far yet. The SOS is really bad, and the offense has shown little in terms of an ability to consistently sustain drives. As awesome as Savage's TD pass to Brown was, most of the time, you don't win games at the last minute. That's not generally a good formula for victory.