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Halloween Hangover

Ok, time to get through everything that I didn't have a chance to link last week.

Back in August, there were reports that Rutgers would play Army at the new Giants Stadium on Sept. 25th, 2010. Supposedly the first ever college football game in the new stadium, and the Rutgers athletic department would receive a hefty profit in exchange for moving a home game. So, it was more than a little curious when Army announced last week that they're playing Rutgers on Oct. 16, which would be a week before Notre Dame's game in East Rutherford. The release also lists the game as being in Piscataway, although Sal Interdonato says not to read too much into that, seemingly implying that everyone involved is still in negotiations. The location is just symbolic, but Rutgers badly needs that big payday.

With the bye coming up, I'm not going to start getting into the USF game before later in the week. Have to give credit where it's due; their backs were against the wall, and B.J. Daniels played well against West Virginia. The Bulls have had their number in recent years, and I'm still not quite sure what to make of WVU this year. Still think Rutgers should be favored in that one, and would have regardless of who won in East Hartford on Saturday.

It was a good catch by Jerry Sanchez to find a Youtube link to the highlights from the classic 1992 Halloween game between Rutgers and Virginia Tech. I tried to find that about a year ago and didn't have any luck.

Er, this Dave Solomon column on Saturday's UConn game is quite the odd bird.

TFY had a review of Anthony Davis vs. Pitt a few weeks back. Their analyses are a little spotty, so draw your own conclusions.

Fooch has a new video up of his interview with Fred Hill at media day.

Once again, it's time to check in on Brian Leonard's blog. He's been battling through an injury the past few weeks.

Decent length story on Ray Rice in the Baltimore Sun on Friday. There's not much new for most readers, but it's positive, feel-good press nonetheless.

Kenny Britt has bought a few cars on his first NFL contract, but intends to save most of his money.

The St. Louis Rams signed Ryan Neill.

Can't sign em all: Miles Austin grew up in Garfield, but never received any interest from Rutgers, or any other FBS school for that matter. If Shawn Tucker never gets hurt, then we wouldn't have exactly needed Austin.

Congrats to Temple for beating Navy and attaining bowl eligibility. The NY Times spoke with Al Golden about his methods last week, which closely follow Greg Schiano's strategy to rebuild Rutgers. I've always thought that if Temple ever got back on its feet again, they'd be a much better choice for BE expansion than any of the various C-USA also rans. I want to see Golden stay put on the merits and add another strong competitor to Eastern football, but also for the fact that he would be a major thorn in our side if say, UVA or Maryland hired him over the offseason.

The Knight Commission thinks that current college football costs are not sustainable, specifically focusing in on coaching salaries. There's probably a broad consensus from administrators here, but who's going to make the first move?

Last week, Rutgers cut the ribbon on the brand new solar panel facility on the Livingston campus.

New Jersey students going to college out of state costs $6 billion a year. That article also has some unnerving numbers about how far the state lacks behind when it comes to higher ed funding, which has steadily dropped for two decades and counting.