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Trying to ignore the game

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Nope, don't have anything to say about BE BB media day, or RU finishing 15th (yep, a point lower than USF) in the preseason poll. I'm happy to see that Jim Carr's son is doing better though. May or may not have more on BB at some point before the season starts. I'm halfway more interested in asking an Iowa fan I know to write up a wrestling preview.

The new Schiano Show podcast is up. Will try to listen today.

Do I have to talk about Army? Ok...all I see is that they're not happy about a few calls in the Temple game.

The early reviews on Clark Harris in Cincinnati aren't half bad. The AZ Cards signed Brandon Renkart to their practice squad. Also, with Chicago's rash of injuries at LB, I'd at least monitor the wires over the next few days to see if they bring in Kevin Malast for their PS.

Can you say Pro Bowl? Ray Rice leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage.

Missed this one last week: TFY, a NFL draft site, is joining the growing echo chamber claiming that Anthony Davis will declare for the NFL after the season. I think he's back to playing at a high level, and likely gone. Months back, I tried to look at what factors will influence AD's decision. If he does leave, it will be a bit of a shame that Davis was never the catalyst for a really good season here.

By the way, for anyone who watched ESPN's USFL documentary on Tuesday, K-Mac (who did PR for the NJ Generals - if you think Schiano is a taskmasker, just imagine working for Trump) was on screen for a moment.

Yep, I saw the quote about Schiano wanting to make the Army series permanent, and wasn't too happy about that. If you'll look at the history at State Rutgers's chat room, you can read the transcript from Aditi's chat there last night. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem recording Tom Luicci's chat last week, so I have no idea what was said there. She did say a few interesting things about the specifics of her new position with SNY.

While I'm on the subject, Aditi has also made a few comments about wanting some more traffic at her Big East Sports Blog site, although I assume that most of my readers are pretty hardcore to begin with, and already regular readers there. It'll come, in time, although I do think that SNY is still in a learning process when it comes to covering college sports, and could probably do more with both its online and television offerings. I'd venture that nearly all of her audience consists of Rutgers fans, but she's alsorunning daily link updates and occasionally doing stories about the other conference teams.

Brian Bennett doesn't think fans should worry about recruiting rankings. It's a throwaway line at the end of a chat, but he's expressed similar sentiments before. I don't think people should "worry", but they should at least pay some attention. Clearly, if you have an elite coach like Brian Kelly, he's going to win with any talent. Everyone else? It does matter to some extent.

Weird story of the day (h/t: Dr. Saturday). Chris Turner's dad posts on Maryland message board, calls for athletic director Debbie Yow to be fired. In general, I think it's asking for problems if family members post on sites like Rivals and Scout. There are no problems when there's a universally beloved player like Brian Leonard, and his relatives revel in adulation. On the other hand, Perry Patterson's grandmother used to post at the Syracuse site on Scout, and created all sorts of trouble... (Does anyone else find it unnerving that a middle-aged man is posting under the moniker "crespiboylol"?)

The Record had a somewhat interesting story yesterday about the candidates for Governor and their stances on arenas, gaming, development, and those sorts of things. If that isn't a microcosm of the whole campaign. Corzine gives the prudent, responsible answer. Christie's are more outlandish, and lacking in key specifics, but damn if they aren't about a zillion times more fun.

The costs of higher ed tuition: going up, up, up. I don't know if "astonishing" is the right phrase to describe the increases in this fiscal climate,