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10/20 Recruiting Update

I think that things will start to heat up as we get deeper into the fall. It's still very early. As I've reiterated numerous times, what matters is that the staff makes good evaluations and lands their top targets, and nothing else. Last year was a bit of an aberration in the sense that the Rutgers staff usually around this time of the year intensifies their Florida recruiting, while also evaluating some of the new senior film from prospects that they had been watching in search of late bloomers.

Case in point would be the renewed interest by Florida DT Richard Ash. I hadn't even heard of Tim Smith before, and he looks like a pretty good prospect too. RB Jakhari Gore is another name, although he seems to be favoring LSU (and a lot of his offers are in question). Athlete Jeremy Deering has scheduled a visit to UNC.

There were nice recent features lately on RU commits Jawaun Wynn and Jordan Thomas. 263 yards, 5 TDs for Chas Dodd in another day at the office.

The whole Malcolm Cater situation is worth monitoring. Link is to the same SoR thread I linked last week, cause that's the only free discussion I know of on the topic.

Sharrif Floyd isn't mentioning RU as of late.

Rutgers is out with PA S Brandon Ifill, who's down to Pitt and MD.

Helicopters offer style and convenience for recruiting players.

The Scout database is now listing 2011 Delaware lineman Trip Thurman as holding a Rutgers offer. Another new one is Good Counsel athlete Vincent Croce (I think the article spelled his name wrong) out of Maryland.

Paul Franklin's GMC All-Decade team is an interesting read.

Watchlist: Sean Daniels, Quentin Gause, Criston Gill, Kevin Hogan, Ishmil Mack, Ryan Morris, Dillon Romain, Antoine Pozniak, Anthony Sarao, and Darrius Webb.