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Elephant in the room

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I don't have a gift for poetry. Wish I did. Never could write a sentence that doesn't read as flat and dry. That being said, I won't say much about what happened to slain UConn corner Jasper Howard over the weekend, as others will do it far better, giving Howard the eulogy he deserves, but did not deserve. He had dreams of playing in the pros some day, and now his body lies cold and unanimated, with the perpetrator still on the loose. Just a senseless, unfathomable strategy. You want your opponents to suffer hardships on the field; not like this.

This Matthew Stein column is dead wrong. Yep, fan support is fickle, but it's fickle everywhere.

With regards to the whole axe thing, the first thing that comes to mind is Jack Del Rio, and his punter getting in an accident. Nothing good usually comes from props, even if Schiano ends up being the Gallagher to Del Rio's Carrot Top.

So - people are finally getting off the George Selvie bandwagon? It's about time. Although these sorts of statements are still being qualified with something like "he's not the player he once was". No! He was never a superstar! Beating up on a bunch of bad OOC during a half a season doesn't make you a superstar. I feel more strongly about this then I did about Gerry MacNamara being awful, although Selvie at least will play in the NFL.

Ray Rice is a superstar.

Jason McCourty was thrown into the deep end with Tennessee's injuries in the secondary, and yesterday was a new low point. Between injuries, lost momentum, and maybe Kerry Collings being at the end of the line, the Titans are careening off a cliff. There will be more and more talk about handing the reigns to Vince Young, and maybe working in the younger guys like Britt more.

Brian Leonard missed Cincinnati's loss with an injury. Harris? No news is good news for a long snapper.

Not bad; the Browns signed Derrick Roberson.

I haven't really been paying attention to the whole Ward system fight in New Brunswick. However, news that the city government has spent $100k on fighting the efforts doesn't reflect kindly on their competence.

Those Critical Mass rides are annoying, so will they cool it with the news of a new bike path?