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Gameday links

It's hard to say what kind of impact the bad weather will have on tonight's game. It's probably a good thing to ground Pitt's air game, but you don't want to take the crowd out of it. There will be a lot of recruits in attendance (more Tuesday, although there are plenty of rumors going around). There'd be more if the game wasn't on a Friday night. Playing opposite the Yankees doesn't help, if that game isn't rained out. I'll still be braving the elements tonight.

I'm not surprised that Cincinnati won last night. In fact, I was rooting for them; I don't expect to win the conference, and their success makes Rutgers look better in retrospect. Losing Tony Pike will be a challenge though. I still think they're the best team, and I still think everything is wide open after them. Tonight's game isn't a must win, but it'll help. More's at stake than the claim about which fanbase hates Penn State more (we do).

Understandably, lots of NFL scouts are coming to the game tonight.

There's actually a lot of buzz about Rutgers taking the lead for JUCO basketball player Marvell Waithe. Given past history, I'll believe this one when he's actually dressing for the game at the RAC next year.

Keep forgetting to link this - LeonardBlog has updates for weeks four and five.

Jamaal Westerman was inactive last week due to injuries in the Jet secondary (and the resulting need for more bodies). According to Dave Hutchinson, the Jets may try to save face by keeping Vernon Gholston active, although Westy has outplayed him.

Clark Harris is happy to be with the Bengals, but would prefer it if no one knew his name going forward (video).

Gov Corzine is bringing fmr. President Bill Clinton to campus for a campaign rally. It could be worse; Middlesex CC got Joe Biden.

Watch out, Grease Trucks: Sonic is coming to Rt. 27 in Somerset.