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Not talking much about the game

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I'm still having trouble mustering up any excitement for homecoming, but there are a handful of storylines worth following. Getting fullback Jack Corcoran more involved in the offense would be a positive development. At some point, if they don't look at him at all, he won't even be an effective decoy as a receiver. Of course, the OL needs to get their act together. It looks like Tom Savage will play, and he can't be taking many hits, especially considering the opponent.

The biggest question mark for Saturday at this point is whether injured DE George Johnson will return. He'll be needed at full strength next week for the Pitt game. Speaking of which, there's a Q&A coming up with Pitt blog Eye of a Panther, so let me know if there's anything you want to ask.

At least someone cares about the Texas Southern matchup; the Giants are sending one scout down the Turnpike to take in the game.

Travelling fans - UConn is cutting the prices of tickets for several Big East matchups, including the Rutgers game.

The new Mike Vorkunov podcast with Tom Brennan on RU and Seton Hall BB looks interesting. I'll be giving it a listen soon, although I probably won't have anything more to say on it.

There was a good story a couple days back about Eric Foster getting an opportunity at fullback.

Foster has excellent agility for his size, the kind of power and speed needed to get to a spot and spring a rusher. While categorized as undersized at tackle, his heft gives him an edge as a fullback.

"He's a guy who's big, he can run, he can catch," Colts coach Jim Caldwell said. "That's a pretty good combination."

It's up to Jason McCourty to prepare for possibly starting at CB again this Sunday against the Colts. Lots of RU alumni in that game. The feature matchup may be Bengals/Ravens though, where Brian Leonard and Ray Rice are set to square off.

The Texans cut Clark Harris from their practice squad.

Anyone else notice that the Jets traded a backup linebacker as part of the Braylon Edwards deal? That may lead to an increased role for Jamaal Westerman, who was back on the field against New Orleans. They did need to clear up a roster spot at LB with starter Calvin Pace returning from suspension.

RU transfer Chris Paul-Etienne will miss several weeks for URI recovering from a knee injury.

Rutgers New Brunswick set a new funding record in Fiscal Year 2009. I also came across this interesting story about RU's "Zero Waste" policy yesterday. Between that and the giant solar farm, the school administration has been taking a lead on the Green issue. It's nice to innovate and think long-term.