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New look

There's a new redesign up on, and I'm still getting used to it. I don't want to pass judgment at the moment, but would welcome any thoughts from readers with an interest in design who want to weigh in.

Anyway, I listened to the latest Schiano show podcast, and I just want to quickly address two points mentioned on the show.

1. On why Rocket Williams isn't seeing many touches, Schiano was fairly spot on. Besides the fact that RU is deep at the position (and they are, it's just that the run blocking needs improvement), there's more that goes into the position than just pure running ability. Williams looked good in his brief cameo this season, and Schiano conceded that talent is not the problem. It never is with freshmen, no matter where they are. However, they usually need work when it comes to pass protection and receiving. For instance, Ray Rice was an immediate success as a rusher, but didn't improve in those areas until his second and third seasons. I want to see Rocket too, but everyone's just going to have to be patient here.

2. I didn't really care for Schiano's justification of continuing to use the Jabu package though. Ok, take his explanation at face value (even though I don't, teams don't respect Lovelace as a passer at all, that's why it fails). Being that, the plays have broken down because of things like poor blocking, and Jabu was not at fault. Even if that's 100%, completely accurate, the plays simply aren't working. His supporting cast can't put Jabu in a position to be successful. Don't run the plays until they can, because all the option does at the moment is kill drives and lead to instant 3 and outs. The football team is in no position to be giving away downs like that.