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Stand by your band

I really like it when some of my friends can contribute guest posts here. That has been sorely underused, and I'm always looking for opportunities to work them in. In last week's (I think, definitive) post about Texas Southern football, MY HOUSTON FRIEND gave the lowdown on TSU football. Being that, not only are they one of the worst teams on the FCS level (and believe youme, Cougar fans know their bad football - sorry, cheap shot), but their band, the "Ocean of Soul", is not exactly up to snuff. Them's fightin' words.

Now, I thought any band related drama would be limited to RU commentators complaining about the Marching Scarlet Knights (Highland Park would probably beg to differ), but apparently not. Yesterday, one "Tim Fulghum" stopped by to express his displeasure in a comment. I'll just let him speak for himself and repost the quote in its entirety.

Who ever wrote this is an idiot. If the Ocean of Soul is as bad as you say, then why were they invited to the Battle of the Bands last year in Atlanta. This is reserved for only the best bands. Have a clue about what you are writing before you write. As far as the football team goes, no there not very good, but they take care of there players and ensure they are getting a quality education. I’t wasn’t long ago that Rutgers wasn’t very good football team either, but you don’t here any TSU fans writing or saying bad things about there program. Instead of worring about Rutgers scheduling poor black schools, you need to focus your attention on your own conference (Cincinnati) where you took a thrasing at home.

Given that I see all Texans through the lens of The Rich Texan from The Simpsons, so at this point, I'm half-expecting Mr. Fulghum to challenge one of us to a duel. MY HOUSTON FRIEND informs me that nearly every SWAC band attended the Battle of the Bands, so there you have it.

As the action on the field Saturday will be completely irrelevant, methinks that Scarlet Knight fans will have something to turn their attentions to in between all the tailgating and homecoming acitivities. The Gauntlet has been thrown down. The Ocean of Soul are are coming, and it will be a deluge of funk and soul. The early line has the marching Scarlet Knights giving -4 to the visitors. Now, sports books are illegal in New Jersey (that's what Delaware is for), but I don't see any laws on the books barring these sorts of wagers. So hit AC during the week, and take the points, because the Marching Scarlet Knights are about to crack some skulls in the the only contest that really counts this weekend. Band smack talk rules.