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A complete waste of time

Per ZAGSBLOG, junior college forward Marvell Waithe is down to Rutgers and Arkansas. We've been down this road before. Waithe nearly committed to the Scarlet Knights several yeras ago, before strangely jumping to Loyola at the last minute. Specifically, there's just something about Ro Russell's program and not exactly being friendly to Rutgers basketball. Over the past decade, commits Olu Ashaolu (Louisiana Tech!?!?!, after they hired his brother on staff, or something like that), and Antwi Atuahene (JUCO, and then Arizona State) failed to end up on the banks.

When this story popped up on my news reader just now, it instantly brought to mind a Zagoria interview with Russell from two years ago. Specifically, this paragraph:

"I'm going to always have players, and all (fans who rip me) are doing is hurting their opportunity for players like (6-8 St. Benedict's big man) Tristan Thompson and (6-1 St. Benedict's point guard) Myck Kabongo to look at Rutgers because if they're seeing the stuff being said by the fans, then that's just going to steer them away because those kids are part of the program and they know what goes on. The Rutgers fans should be friendly with me, and not be hard line like they are."

It takes a certain type of individual to make idle threats towards a fanbase. Oooh, you won't steer players towards a school your players already avoid like the plague.

I hope Waithe commits to Arkansas, or some other team that is not Rutgers. There's no upside in being involved with Ro Russell or his program. At least there are no remaining expectations left to shatter at this point.