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Savage cleared to play

Barring any "setbacks", Tom Savage is tentatively cleared to play this weekend against Texas Southern. Maybe that homecoming crowd in attendance will be treated to some actual, genuine successful passing plays. Savage playing isn't necessary to clobber an overmatched opponent who struggles against other FCS schools, but it will give him needed reps for the rest of the season.

Letter to the editor: RU sports isn't a flash in the pan. He's correct in one sense. Rutgers football has not been "awful for 100 years", or any variant of thesort. Anyone making that claim is not very bright. They didn't place an emphasis on having successful athletic programs, and then tried to do everything on the cheap after they had started aiming hire. All of this was detailed in a series of posts here last year.

Isn't it interesting how, despite the fact that the Big Ten has been, statitisticall, the worst conference over the past few years, is't the Big East who ends up getting all of the flak? Early wins by Cincy and USF have shaken everything up, although we'll see where the conference ratce stands down the line. Still, the Big East is not a bad football conference. Furthermore, it was foolish to expect the BE as a whole to necessarily struggle this season. Its fortunes are tied to the fate of each team. So what if they lose key players? Everyone does. Where they all stand would, and did, depend on how well their underclassemn reserves would look in larger roles this fall. There wasn't a very good reason to think that the Big East would end up being the worstc conference. It shouldn't be a surprise at all to this point.

Quincy Douby's been working hard over the summer, and now it's a question of numbers. and whether he can keep it up in Toronto cmap.

Will the N.C.A.A. remain toothless as they search for a new leader?

Newspaper cuts are leading to the erosion of a watchdog press corps in the New Jersey, if not nationwide.