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Weekend reads

Coach Schiano was on Rivals Radio recently.

It's been interesting to watch all the content coming out of the premium sites this week. I noticed that Sam Hellman from the Targum is writing for Rivals now. Looks like Kristian Dyer has a new recruiting column up at, although there are no RU mentions in his first article.

Doh, I already forgot about Brian Leonard's Rutgers Magazine blog. There's a nice, long feature up on about Leonard.

Playing in the NFL is a dream come true for Jason McCourty.

LFBall has his contrarian take up about what's been going on lately with Binghamton U Basketball.

Daniel Jeremiah has some interesting football scouting tropes up at his Move The Sticks blog.

About Michael Moore and his Rutgers cap....

New Jersey is not a very affordable place to live.